Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Bday Luvin' from Texas Con Amour!!!

Hi Y'all! Look at me blogging on an almost daily basis like I should be. I got a belated bday present from Mi Amour en Texas aka Vanessa from Van's Makeup Ride (click the link jump on her bus!) Chica mi amour no apologies for being "belated" your brown, I'm brown I know how we roll and usually it's about 20mins late for everything so I totally get it. For those of you who don't know about CP-Time here's the definition "The usually correct stereotype that African-Americans and Latinos are incapable of punctuality, and are chronically tardy in both arriving at and beginning events and functions." I took a class on Time Management and it was a topic and I was the only brown girl in the class so I had to be the representative and explain the phenomonon... But anyways!!! Look at what mi amour sent me. She went OVERBOARD!!!! I knew that she loved-ed me but know I know that she really, really, really loves me.............. :)

Look at all the presents!!!! ♥

Cosmo's Sexiest Beauty Secrets

A Pink & Black Skull Bracelet (totally Vanessa to include something with a skull!

Urban Decay~ Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss in "James"
This gloss is freakin awesome!! "Our Juicy gloss is slick, seXy and extra shiny, infused with a yummy creme brulee flavor and hyaluronic spheres to keep lips looking full. Slip this rocket in your pocket. The case is super slim (no unsightly bulge), and laced with pheromones.... give it a rub to unlock them....."
The Creme Burlee Scent is amazing!!!
I keep making out with myself!! This gloss is sooo good!

NIVEA- A KISS OF Shimmer ~ Pearly Shimmer Lip Care.
"Let your lips look & feel soft and smooth to make every kiss memorable......
I think that with all these kissy glosses that Vanessa wants to give me some besos!

She didn't stop there!! She also sent me a pretty pink wallet!!! I love it and have been using it. It's hard case and super thin which saves room in my big ass purse!

Vanessa, mi amour!!! I love everything!! It meant so much to me that you sent me some luvin' for my bday!!!

I've been obessesed with Purple Eyes. Everyday I say "Kendall no purple, change it up! You have 40,000 different colors to play with! What do I do?? Use different shades and brands of purple. Enjoy my little show!


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Linda said...

Love the stuff!!!! Isn't is great to still celebrate your Bday? =)

M said...

purple is to stay! its like the best color ever!!!

paperdollrevenge said...

Aww what sweet gifts from Vanessa!

lol purple is popular...and I think rightfully so!

haha you know, I tend to pick hair style and color based on who the prettiest model is too! Why do you think I said I'm so easily influenced? lol I'll see a gorgeous model with bangs...I want bangs! Then one without bangs...I want without bangs! Then black hair...then medium brown hair...vicious cycle.

I'd like to do a light-medium brown but these evil old highlights of mine won't let me, so I'm either gonna go dark brown or natural black. Thanks for your comment!

Jaimie said...

thats cause purple looks fabulous on you!

wuzzyangel said...

Purples ROCK!! LOL!! That was a cute slideshow!

Ooh... Bday goodies from Van!! Isn't she one of the sweetest?!

Katrina said...

wow great stuff! & i love the wallet. do u know where she got it?

Neeyuh said...

Aww what cute stuff Van sent you, she is so sweet! Pretty look you did, I love purples!!

Rai said...

You're getting all these birthday goodies. lol ENJOY! =D

Tammy said...

Funny enough I was never on CP time until I meet my
Great goodies!!!! I have a similar wallet and I love it!

Anonymous said...

goody goody goodiess!!! i so want to try that UD lipgloss!! i think the packaging is hilarious!!

Imee said...

that is too sweet of her! i love that bracelet, it's like girly but bad ass =)

mszcheysser said...

Love the bracelet - it's cute. :) and so is the lipgloss! Haha. I like the fact that it has that guy on the cover.

Like your wallet! I need a new one. Eck.