Monday, April 20, 2009

A Special Day! Mommy & Me Hangin' In NYC

*This entry is PIC HEAVY, so it's only polite to warn y'all :)

Hi, y'all!!! I hope everyone had a great weekend! My weekend started off on a sad tone. Were officially 94% done with cleaning out my Mommy Cat's (my g'mas) apartment. People who want the big furniture are coming to get it on Monday 4/20. Then one more trip and then that's it. The apartment will no longer be in the family. I secretly hopes that she haunts it...... Not in a mean way, maybe just flick a light switch, lol.
Today was a special "Mommy & Me" day. She got me tickets for my bday to see In The Heights!! We usually try to see a play every spring and my g'ma always joined us. We figured to keep the "tradition" going..

Before we saw the show we did some gallavanting and shopping.

We also went to the Swatch Store because it seemed busy, and were nosy so we went in and my Mom fell in love with a ring, but it was kinda pricey so she couldn't decided. Since my g'ma passed away my mom hasn't "shopped" it was something we did together. I could hear my g'mas voice in my head telling my mother "Shirl, if you like it and you want then I'll get it for you". We'd always say NO, and she would buy it with our backs turned. So we left the ring & after the show it was still on her mind so we went back & she got it!! Yay!!!
It's Sterling Sivler with diamond "thingys" all the way around.
It's from the SWATCH Bijoux Collection

Then we found a random Street Fair. This is why I hearts; NY!! The food smelled amazing, the Jamacians were selling "original"mix CD's I really wanted to get a Reggae Mix from the 90's, but I couldn't understand the Rasta Mon's accent. Sorry Rasta Mon. Here are some pics from the Street Fair.

Then we headed off to the Richard Rodgers Theatre on 46th St. to see the show!

I was being sneaky and I snapped a few pics of the set before the show started.
The play was amazing, I loved it. I reminded me of the neighborhood where I grew up on Long Island. All the Spanglish made me miss my old barrio..... Only problem were the seats. I forgot that I have a knee problem and when I see Broadway Shows I need a seat on the end so I can move my knee, so my knee doesn't blow up like a ballon! Durning the first half of the show I was trying soooo hard to enjoy it but crying in pain because my knee was killing me. I can't leave it in a bent position for more than 20mins. But it worked out great because after intermission the end seat was open so I sat there and stopped having mind blowing knee conctradtions.
After the play we decided to go to Dallas BBQ for dinner, we were craving Southern style food, and we'd already been to BB Kings in Memphis, TN last summer so we tried Dallas BBQ, but on the way there I got distracted by something......................
The Sanrio Store!

The outside window
Sign on top of the store.

I was in ♥!!! This store had everything Hello Kitty related that you can imagine. The had stainless steel pots & pans, all kinds of kitchenware, 100's of Plush Hello Kitty's. They had Hello Kitty & Friends Flip Cams! They had the entire KLS Hello Kitty Jewerly collection!!! I saw a really cute summer tote bag and I wanted to get it and I also wanted some stationary. We get to the line to pay and my Mother quoted my Mommy Cat "Ken... If you really want it I'll buy it for you". I was so surprised because the play and dinner was her bday present to me.
Hello Kitty Luxe Key Cap (that they gave me for free!), and I got some Kuromi stationary.

My tote bag, kawaii for the summer!

I freakin' ♥ the shopping bags they give you! It's Tiffany Blue inside and the handles are black sation ribbon...........

So after I was done in Hello Kitty Heaven, we went to Dallas BBQ for Dinner. The portions are huge!!! I had Carolina Pulled Pork and my Mom had Fried Catfish & we shared a huge piece of Cornbread!!!! So here's some food porn............

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Carolina Pulled Pork

I'm out ladies, thanks for stopping by!!! My school semester ends on May 1st, so I really need to hual-ass and organized and finish papers & projects >_<


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Jaimie said...

so ironic! i just heard of that play tonight and i heard the 96,000 song. i really like it. do you like the play? and is that restaurant BBQs? I can't tell i love it tho if it is, i just dont remember it having the dallas in front of it.

wuzzyangel said...

Awww Kendall! I'm soo glad you and your Mom had a great day together! Seeing a play is soo fun!

That's a great ring your mom got! And look at all your cute Sanrio stuff! The key cap & bag are super cute!!

Mmm... Dem big portions are FOODGASM!

KiLLaCaM said...

how nice! i wish my mother and i still did stuff like that. maybe for mother's day :)

that sanrio store is to die for! i'd be happy with just the shopping bag! free key cap? shooooooooot...only in NY! the cheap ass asains in their franchise stores would NEVER give anything out for free!

PiinkCupcakez said...

i've been wanting to see that play!
i think graffiti pete is cute lol

love the sanrio goodies

oo and that texas size drink on the menu is calling my naaaame lol

i'm glad u had fun! =]

Jen said...

Quality time with the mom is always the best! Cause they spoil! PUAHAHA

LipStick Staiin said...

im startin to love SANRIO all over again! lol that food looks really yummie and packed wit lots of goodies! mMmmmm.. i love food =)

thanks for the comment to my blog! hMmm is CT connecticut? if i spelled it right? i love those kinda waether tho.. down here is just too hot atm! argh i hate it!!


Neeyuh said...

Aww mom and daughter time is great!Gosh I wanna go to NY so bad! Wow that Sanrio is awesome, it's huge. That food looks SO good I'm drooling over here! heheh