Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm a Beautiful Ugly!!! Product Review

Anonymous said... When posting swatches it would help your readers if you state whether you used a base, dry or wet swatch, etc. April 15, 2009 11:54 AM

I didn't use a base for these swatches I used nothing but a Q-Tip :-) and my bare arm. When posting swatches if I did anything different (like using a base, wet etc.) I usually state it under the pic. Sorry for any confusion. :)

Hi Y'all! I received a sample pack from a makeup company called Beautiful Uglies. It was a generous sample pack!!!!

My sample pack included 3 Pigments, 1 Indelible Creme Eyeshadow, & Anti-Shine Powder

(Love Note Included in the Package)

How I discovered Beautiful Uglies is kind of a funny little love story. Ebonie is the CEO of Beautiful Uglies, she also is a "big deal" on YouTube. Her hair extensions tutorials are amazing, I was a subscriber and her videos got me through my very first self install. Me ♥ Ebonie long time. Then I randomly found her on Twitter, and I was like are you the YouTube Ebonie, you got me through my first install I ♥ you... Yeah, I'm a dork & luckily she didn't think I was crazy.... I truely support Beautiful Uglies because Ebonie & her sister started this company on there own!!! Independant Sistas doin it for themselves!!! I love it!!! They are just getting started but I know that Beautiful Uglies is going to be big!! I can wait to watch what they do.......... Oh, Ebonie, I know your reading this and umm if you need a Marketing/PR/Social Media/Branding Specialist "holla at your girl". You know sistas are supposed to support sisters!!! ♥

These colors are gorgeous on!! They are vibrant, crazy pigmented they and the pop!!!

~The Beautiful Colors~Here's a some info about Beautiful Uglies (taken from their website).

Why Beautiful Uglies? Beautiful Uglies is an oxymoron taking two contradicting ideas and forcing them to work together. That's what the beauty industry is all about. The beauty industry is thriving with promises to make people pretty, beautiful, with products to make them look and feel younger. There are people who have issue with their body that they may not like or don't want everyone to see because it is something they consider ugly. Then, there are people who love the skin they are in and only use make up and beauty products to accentuate their beauty. What ever the case may be we offer our products to everyone.

People define what is beautiful and ugly in there own way. What is ugly to one person may not be ugly to the next. We let the people decide themselves what they feel is beautiful or ugly. We are not forcing anyone to conform to our interpretation of beauty. As the old saying goes..."beauty is in the eye of the beholder." At Beautiful Uglies you have the power to define beauty.

Behind the name ~ Beautiful Uglies came about as I was sitting on my couch looking at my arm thinking "Oh my god I need some lotion!" I was ashy and it was not cute, or sexy. The act of putting lotion on my skin made something I did not find attractive or pleasing... aesthetically beautiful. In essence making something I felt was Ugly Beautiful. That is how Beautiful Uglies was born. Since then I have been experimenting with natural moisturizers, and fragrances. I was always into art and make up, my passion for vibrant colours and making unusual things beautiful has now become a full time job and I love it!

Mantra ~You have the power to define beauty.

Me Wearing Plumkin & Grape Vine for my "Bday Look"

These shadows are highly pigmented!!! I would say they are on a MAC level.
I give Beautiful Uglies 5/5 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥.
I'm being honest, this is mainly a Beauty Blog and if the goods sucked I would have to be honest with you ladies because I'm not going to give a good review, if the product sucks...............

P.S. I heard from a little bird that Beautiful Uglies may be in the May Pretty Pink Box! Keep your eyes peeled........ You wont be disappointed.

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LipStick Staiin said...

nice swatches! i love how the colors r sooo vibrant! i want!!


Linda said...

The colors really pop! I know I would love to get my hands on some...TeeHee. ;)

Rai said...

Oooh those look nice! I'm checking out their site right now.

lol The packaging looks like MAC.

Sonya said...

The swatches look good!!! Did you use a base for the swatches? Those sample look like full size LOL

Vanessa M. said...

wow beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

when posting swatches it would help your readers if you state whether you used a base, dry or wet swatch, etc.

Imee said...

LOL, i can't get over the name!

simmonskristina said...

I love it !! I want deep colors like that for my tone-- you site is AWESOME!!

MAKEUP central-by LYN said...

great products!?! I wish I didn't have so many eyeshadows so I could gain some more.

wuzzyangel said...

Very pigmented!! :)

And your look was gorgeous!! yay for purples!! :)

Ooohh MPPB!! They'll get lots of orders now!

Iyah said...

Ohhh!!! now you got me all excited! SANRIO in NY?? Must be heaven!! :D

yummy411 said...

yay! good cosmetics and you look great in them!

Sher said...

omg @ salmon and egyptian gold!!