Friday, March 13, 2009

Girl Date & Red Eyes

Hi Y'all! So I went on a little date tonight with my girlfriend "C'. I ♥ Girl Dates! We went to a local restaurant called Maggy McFly's They have the best martinis there. I got a Cherrytini (tastes like red Kool-Aide)
For my dinner I had Shrimp Parmigiana, but I only ate the shrimp. I wasn't interested in all that linguni, lol
"C" had the Dim Sum but the I took all the pics with my Blackberry and for some reason it came out dark. It looked really good though. It came in a wooden basket type thing (Asian Beauty Bloggers help me out with the name!) Dang they showed this on the Noggin Channel & said the name of the wooden box. I guess when I'm watching the kiddies I should pay more attention to the Noggin Channel.
Well "C's" didn't look exactly like that it had spring rolls, steamed dumplings, BBQ Ribs, Chicken Skewers and a bunch of other stuff. It's listed as an appetizer but its a whole meal. "C" had a beer. I find beer boring so I didn't take a pic of it.

"C" is so thoughtful. She just got a new job at and works for DIAMOND Company in White Plains doing her Photographer/Photoshop Pro thing. I'm so happy she found something. We worked together for a year and we both got laid off in August. She was telling me about an Asian Market near her job and since I claim my Asian side by Beauty Blogger Association, she got me a little something...

How sweet was that. She knows about my Hello Kitty obsession!! Well anyone that knows me for more than two weeks or has stepped foot in my room knows about my Hello Kitty obsession. My piggy butt tore into those. Soo yummy Strawberry flavor. I'm keeping the box though it's to kawaii to throwaway.
I attempted to do a "look" with red shadow & smoke it out a bit but "C" said it looked pink but still cute.
Ignore my crazy hair, I was trying to part it in a different direction but my hair "must not like change" I ended up looking like a parrot because it was windy out.

"Red-Rosey" Smokey Eye Attempt


5 ♥Say Something♥:

Sofee said...

it's so nice u had a good time with ur girl....

red looks good and u and ur hair looks so nice :D

Anonymous said...

I have no idea wat that wooden thing is called either. LOL.


Katrina said...

Great look! So pretty!

Ńique_ Famous* said...

omg are those hello kitty chop stix's CUTEEEEEEEEEEEE

Kimberly Tia said...

lol i think the wooden thing is just a standard asian bamboo steamer.
I use them for my gyoza and my pot stickers.

and it looks like you gals got some shu mai.. mmmmm.

You're too cute, you got the the linguine plate just for the shrimp.

silly girls!