Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lucky Day!

Hi Y'all! I HATE March...... It makes me wanna like jump off the roof... The weather here is so stank and drab I just want to stay in bed all day and get a script for Prozac......... >_<. But there is a tiny glimmer of hope. My B-Day!!! April 5th! The day I popped out of my mama & brought fabulousness & fierceness into this world. I love my b-day! Why because it's all about me & I don't have to share. I'm an only child, so sharing has never really been my "thing". It's my day/week/month! I like it better than Christmas! I try to stretch out the "festivities" for as long as I can. The ex hated b-days and thought that my b-day extravaganzas were childish and lame. He'd get all prechy with me about it and try to tell me that I only get to do one thing for 1 day....... >_< href="http://www.intheheightsthemusical.com/">In the Heights", my bff from Long Island sent me the soundtrack & I'm hooked! It's like my new RENT. Yeah, I was a RENT-head! I went through a long phase of singing nothing but RENT wishing that I was Mimi Marquez a dope addicted stripper at the Kit Kat Club with HIV..... I feel bad for my roomates.... Sorry y'all! I got them hooked on it too! Sh!t we had our own little RENT cast in Suite 212B. I was always Mimi, no one else can play Mimi but ME. I can play a drug addicted stripper like nobodys business! I really thought I was Broadway bound..... Hmmm, I should do a "Mimi" look... I just need to squeeze my behind into some blue leggings.

So back to the point of this entry... I can fly of on a tangent sometimes and never come back, it's the ADD in me. So I got some luvin' in the mail today!!! My new lovah (lovah is my new word, use it embrace & it & think of me when you say it) Melissa of Fabulously Thrifty. Hit me up & suggested a Blogger SWAP! Both of us being SWAP Virgins she contacted a veteran swap slut for instructions/swapper ettitque Miss Diana from Paperdoll Revenge! Thanks for helping us swap virgins!!! XoXo!! I'm still rolling around in this stuff. I don't want to put anything away!! I keep staring at it & opening & sniffing things (even things that don't have a scent, it's an animal in me) A Green Paint Pot (Moss Scape)!!! Seriously did you read my mind or my secret MAC to-buy Excel file?? Sally's Smoothing Serum! It's equal to Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum!! It's marinating in my hair right now! Strawberry Fizz Beauty Rush from Victoria's Secret!! I love Strawberry!! I'm such a fruit! Scrapbook stuff!! I love it all. Lashes, lashes!!!I hope you like what I sent you! Just opening it will be a job! I got tape happy! Ohh and just because the swap is over your still gonna be my daily email buddy!!! I'm still going to send you emails from my Blackberry that aren't complete b/c my chubby thumb hit 'send' instead of 'save draft'.... >_< href="http://myprettypinkbox.com/">Pretty Pink Boxes!!! I can't believe I won the February contest!! I never win anything!!! My entry was soo unedited & ghetto! Thank you sooooo much Linda for picking lil' old me!!!! I can't wait to see what's in store for March's box.


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♥Leigh♥ said...

Hi Kendall! Congratulations for winning Ms. Linda's contest! U deserve it foreal! =)

Linda said...

=) No problem!

Looks like you got some good stuff to play with in that swap!

And I'm the same way with my birthday! I'm not an only child and always had to share, so maybe that's why I'm so greedy about my day! =)

Anonymous said...

oh wow that's a SWAP!!!! she hooked u up gooooooooood!!! i love moonlight path!!!

anywho..love the pic of u!! gorgeous!!

MAKEUP central-by LYN said...

lots of goodies!

My hubby thinks birthdays for adults are childish too. Ugh so annoying, its the one day where you can be selfish and it just bites how the significant other doesn't care to much for it.

I've never seen that movie but now you make me wanna see it! lol!

imee said...

congrats on winning!

M said...

check out the swap loveeee

congrats on your pink box win!

Mets GirLL said...

Yayaa! I'm so glad you got it and like it. I was a bit nervous for the paint pot, but I asked the MA like a million questions about the colors and your skin tone and stuff and finally settled on this.

Who else can I discuss Gilmore Girls and now Rent with? Of course you're gonna be my permenant email buddy lol.

Sofee said...

Congrats!!! u got lots of goodies!!!
thanx for the lovely comment

Jen said...

Congrats Ms. Kendall! WOO! See.. you're still doing good with the NO HAUL Challenge! You won it!

Mets GirLL said...

You've been tagged my love!