Monday, March 2, 2009

End of The Road..... But I Got my Hair Did & Some Lovin' from Texas!

Me and the bf have come to the End of the Road.......... Sucks but it is what it is... 3 years down the hole.......... We basically came to a point where we just got on each others nerves ALL THE TIME. We had to end it before we turned into C. Brown & Rhihanna.... We were spending less time together and when we did it just wasn't fun we got on each other nerves and fought over everything.
It blows b/c I don't know many people around here. We just didn't have a future together. He likes to go to bed early and wake up early. I like to go to bed late and sleep late. He's country, I'm a city girl. I want to travel and buy sh!t, he likes to stay home and save..... He likes to sit in the dark and watch TV, I want the lights on. I can text message, he can't..... We literally were like black & white, lol...... I'm ok though. Were on good terms, the friendship is still there. Were better as "friends" we still talk. I'm going to miss the dog.... We did agree on visitation rights and joint custody though :)
If we would of stayed together and "faked it" things would have just gotten worse. So yeah I'm sad but I'm looking at the situation as a new beginning. I was never happy in CT and maybe this will be the push I need to move on with my life and either move back to NY or somewhere that doesn't get SNOW. I've always been itching to leave and leaving this area isn't a part of his plan. He wants to move either further east or buy a lot of land and play in with his tractors. I could never be happy living on some random patch of land in VT or NH or even here in CT. I need neighbors, malls, & stores. He needs a girl who is into physical labor and who just wants to get married settle down and not go anywhere. That's just NOT me. I'm just too much for him. I'm go-go-go, I'm spontaneous, I'm loud, wild & I dream BIG....
I have so much crap at his house. I don't want it all back, but I have some Hello Kitty towels I want and clothes, hair crap & makeup (most of the makeup at his house were extras and duplicates I'm no fool :) I'll deal with that later.
I want to thank all of the beauties who "twittered" through the actual break up with me! (It was an awkward break up that took place in T.G.I. Fridays, lol.... Y'all made me feel soo much better and gave me the strength to drive home that night.
I'm trying to look that the positives: I don't have to pack up all my sh!t every weekend to stay at his house. I can hang out with the like 2 friends I have in Danbury on the weekends, I can put my makeup AWAY and organize it. I won't have to live between two houses. I won't have to lug my school stuff around. I can stay up late as I want and wake up when I please without having to hear that "I'm lazy". I can spend more time with my mom (she needs me around more since my grandma died) without feeling bad for neglecting him. I'm just not torn in half anymore.
So on to brighter and happier topics. I got my hair did on Saturday!!! Ahh I feel soo much better now. I do NOT recommend leaving extensions in your hair for 4 months... Nothing bad happened no matting or bad tangles but I just don't recommend it I'm lucky that I didn't have tangles or matting.
My real hair grew soo much!!! I had a really bad experience last spring at an African Braiding Shop and my braids were too tight and I as I was taking the extensions down because I couldn't take the pain anymore and I got bumps all around my hairline from the tension of the braids being too tight. MY REAL HAIR CAME OUT WITH THE ROOTS/CUTICLE ATTACHED!!! I literally had BALD SPOTS and a lot of damage. Everything has grown back no perma damage. My hair was strong full & healthy. After I washed & blow dried I kinda looked like Michelle Obama.
I also did a DEEP conditioning treament on my hair after I took out my extensions. I did an ApHogee Serious Care & Protection Treatment. It comes in 3 steps. 1. A Shampoo 2. Protein Treatment 3. Balancing Moisturizer. I didn't use the ApHogee Shampoo b/c the pack I got at Sally's only had the Protein Treatment & Balancing Mositurizer. This stuff is WONDERFUL!!! You can only do it every 6 weeks because it's hardcore. After you shampoo your hair you put the Two-Step Protein Treatment on towel dried/damp hair. Then work the protein treatment through with a wide tooth comb then let it dry either under a dryer or with a hand dryer. It gets REALLY extremly hard. Once it's super hard rinse it out then use the ApHogee Balancing Mositurizer. You can find ApHogee at Sally's they carry full size bottles or little treatment packages.I know I promised y'all pics of the process but I couldn't, lol.... I look crazy during the process and I was so busy chatting with my stylist that I kinda forgot. She cracks me up. Her name is Lia and she has a little shop in Hamden, CT called "Hair It Is Salon", in Hamden, CT. (If anyone wants the address or phone # email me or leave a comment). She's great! She takes care of your natural hair and she WONT do extensions on you if she feels that your hair is too weak. Which is good, some stylists don't care and will do what the client wants just to make a buck. I attribute my excellent new growth to her. I've turned into a length WHORE!!! I'm rocking 20" (I had the ends trimmed a little to avoid split ends) in Virgin Indian Remy Wavy!!! I haven't flat ironed it yet but I'm sure it'll look soo pretty!!! I got my hair from two sources. I ordered the wefted extensions from Laniks Hair Boutique and I ordred the lace closure from Senghori Shells.
I also found me a new Beauty Supply Store in Hamden!! I'm a sucker for hair products!! There's nada in Danbury except for Sallys and a little Asian Beauty Supply store downtown. This place was INSANE. Rows and rows of ethnic hair care goodness. They had like 4 rows of just HAIR & WIGS!!! They had lots of makeup to so I stocked up. It's an hour away so I grabbed what I thought I needed. I get excited when I find a good Beauty Supply Store, especailly now because I can't have my Mommy Cat ship me stuff from Queens, NY. Yes, I import hair care products to CT! I have to.

I got some new bandanas, a bunch of Princessa Palettes, LA Color Palettes, Ruby Kisses Duos, lashes, weave caps, lip liners, & some ApHogee Treatment Packs (cheaper than Sally's).

Silicon Mix!!! This stuff is an amazing & orgazmic deep conditioning treatment. You can find it in Dominican salons & shops.

Elasta QP Styling Foam, alchol free, great for roller sets or before using a curling iron!!!!

I also got some LOVIN' from Miss Vanessa of the famous Van's Makeup Ride!!! Chica! You only were supposed to send me the ONE little lip gloss!

That's way MORE than one little Lip Gloss!!! A mini nail file, Mary Kay Samples, eyeshadow in PINK my FAVORITE color!! Bottom Lashes!!! I have to conquer the top lashes first but I can't wait to try bottom lashes!!! A yummy lip balm in Grape Kiss called JUICY BITCH, lol. Empty sifter jars!!! Too MUCH girl!! I'm going to get you back. I wanted to go to the PO today but yeah umm there's like a 12" of snow in my way :( Your timing was perfect too b/c I was feeling a little down about the breakup and what do I find in mailbox LOVE FROM TEXAS!!!! Also thanks for being my 1st Blackberry Messenger friend, lol!! I'm never going to leave you alone now, lol!!I'm watching you............

That's it from me! I hope my East Coast beauties are enjoying their SNOW DAY!!!! I'm going to use it to catch up on some school work and & organize my makeup I got some drawers and containers from Target last night... My makeup stash is like vomitting makeup all over my room.

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Sofee said...

arent L.a colors palettes great..and van is very nice she sends lots of good goodies!!!

Emeria said...

star yea right!! anything but!!

you're telling me i use my urban decay palette as my mirror..pretty sad right?..

ahhh look at you getting all spoiled! as far as relationships go..somethings are better off being done..why stay when all you feel is hurt and animosity towards each'll do fine!!

M said...

awww @ the visitation rights :T dog is a cutie

Miss.Fortune said...

sorry bout u and ur friend!
its better to end on a good note tho!
and yay at ur hair

Mets GirLL said...

Boys are yucky! But on a lighter note, your hair looks fab..I love the little waves/curls. How did the organizing go? I told myself i was going to do that with the snow day yesterday, but yeh, did NOTHING.

ㅤㅤㅤㅤJéssy said...

It is much to read ..
I do not understand very well English .. then it is hard for me to read it XD

I wanted to see snow T___T
never snowed where I live, then it would be nice the first time .. =)

Kizzy said...

wow, how brave of you! It was a hard decision, I'm sure.
But hey, you'll meet someone soon who's more 'grey' and not 'white'...If this makes sense... ;-)

MAKEUP central-by LYN said...

aww sorry to hear about you and your now ex-boyfriend. 3 years is a long time. But maybe you learned something beneficial in those 3 years? Yay for a new start though!

That was so nice of vanessa to send some goodies besides just a gloss. :)