Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So I Made A Lil' Video

Hi Y'all!! I didn't do jack-sh!t today but read my long Blogroll and my other subscriptions on Google Reader. I was supposed to write a math report on something that "interests" me in math. I only thing I can think of is writing about sales!!! Percentage off is math, right?
Oh no Hello Kitty super cool launch party for me. It snowed something nasty so I didn't go. I love myself some Hello Kitty, but I'm not trying to drive to the Mall on snowy and icy roads.

Anyways, I made my 1st video today. I'm a dork. I've noticed a lot of chics have been on YouTube about what's in their purses, so I figured that would be my first video. I did a "purple" eye look. Kinda came out funky. I'll post tomorrow about what products I used. So enjoy! I don't like how the cam made me look bigger than I am, my shoulder span is crazy looking, and excuse the lame tee shirt. Oh I did my first false eyelash application today and I didn't glue my eye shut like I did the first time I tried back in college. :) I need some practice though. Oh in the video I keep calling my lip balm LIP-CHAP, yeah I say LIP-CHAP!! Sapphiry from Flavor of Love has force me to add that to my vocab! (Sorry, the video is kinda long... I'm kinda chatty.

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Vanessa M. said...

your so beautiful <3333 love the bag :)

FuN and MakeUp said...

hi ! thanks for droppin by my blog.. i love ur layout! =)

Miss.Fortune said...

love the video..
u dont have to apologize for being u