Thursday, February 5, 2009

Purple Look & My First Time.......... With Lashes! Unexpected Cute Office Supply Haul

Hi, y'all! So today was a blah... day, I'm kinda depressed about Mommy Cat (my grandmother) and when I see my Mother break down and cry in the bathroom with the lights off it breaks my heart. I know what I'm about to say is horrible but I'm mad at Mommy Cat for leaving us so suddenly. I call her apartment just to hear her answering machine..... :(
Anyhow on to brighter and better things. I promised I'd show what I used for my "look" from yesterdays video!
The Look ~ Purple

The GoodsSorry, I'm a Photoshop retard, I'm trying to learn it on my own. I really wanted to circle the colors that I used especially for the CS Palette >_<
TweezerMan Eyelash Curler (review soon)
Coastal Scents 78 Piece Palette ~(used most of the purple shades)
Shady Lady ~ The Balm Palette ~Curvy Cami (mid lid)
~ Risque Renee (Crease)
~Caught in the Act Courtney (crease)
Urban Decay Ammo Palette ~ Last Call 1/3 of inner eye
~ Polyester Bride (Brow Bone)
Elf ~ Mineral e/s Socialite (can't remember where I used it)
Loreal ~ Voluminous Mascara Blackest Black
~Voluminous Eyeliner (it draws on like liquid liner) Black
Urban Decay ~ UDPP

Lashes ~Ardell #110 Black
~ DUO Eyelash Adhesive Dark (waterproof)


ColorScience Palette ~ New York: Camouflages green & black irregularities (covers my scars
~ Nairobi (under the eyes)
M.A.C. ~M.A.C. Studio Fix (NW50)
~ M.A.C. Bronzing Powder (Refined Deeper Bronze)
Clinque (Blush) ~ Spiced Wine

~ Wet & Wild Liner (way to sharpened down to know the color)
~ ELF Lip Gloss Tube Iced Latte

(Sorry, the 2nd pic looks weird and less colorful, I took it w / my webcam)

So the eyelashes weren't as complicated as I thought! I did one wrong b/c it was stabbing my eye, but that's what practice is for, right!
I went to Wal-Mart today for 1 little thing, Dry Erase Markers, I only have 3 that came w/ my board & 2 dried up already WFT.... So I went to get more markers, and I came back with
A Motherload of Stuff that I didn't intend on buying!! Damn you Wal-Mart!!!!

Expo Dry Erase Marker Set in Pastels b/c they are cute!
Sharpie Marker Set (huh)
18 Month Planner (school expense so it's a justifiable purchase)
Supercute File Folders (pink dots, & flower patterns)
Rubbermaid Jumbo Pencil Cup (for all my new markers, duh)
Purple Pilot Gen Pens
Rubber Bands (why, because they were 49 cents!)
Lashes (I always stop in the lash aisle to build on my "stash")

Ok, ladies... I'm out... Actually sleepy before 4am! I have a mother-ton of studing and homework to do tomorrow, I've been procrasting since Monday. So if you see me on your blog,
kick me OUT & tell me to go study!


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Miss.Fortune said...

u make me wanna step my make up game right on up!
lol i loved it

KiLLaCaM said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Mommy Cat. If you need a shoulder you can count on me! Makeup is such good therapy...

supervillain said...

Don't u just love walmart! So much stuff and so cheap. I wish I still had a walmart near me. I only have a target round these parts. It's alright but it's sometimes overpriced and they don't have a huge craft section like walmart. I just bought a crapload of craft junk for a small prop for my calendar. Ended up spending over $150 on a bunch of stuff I might not even use...bah!

Lovin' your hair!

your Asian Soulfood Sista <3