Monday, February 2, 2009

Small Haulin' & Two Product Reviews

Hi, y'all... I went SHOPPIN' today. Ok so it was minor shopping. I hit up the mall, it's so vast and empty just me and the other unemployed people with no money. I went to LUSH but the sales girls were all in my face and I had to get out so I didn't get my damn soaps I wanted too many people work in there. Same thing happened at Sephora I seriously can't deal with the stalker sales associates. Is it b/c I'm brown? I'm I being racially profiled in the Danbury Fair Mall? So I walked out the mall with nothing nada! Oh I glanced at the M.A.C. counter at MACY*S to see if maybe they accidentally put up the Hello Kitty stuff by accident, no such luck! But I did get lucky in Sally's.

  • Tweezerman Professional Eyelash Curler for $5.99 w/ Sally's Card. I haven't opened it yet so a review will come later.
  • Black Diamond Rat Metal tail comb (perfect for making parts) $2.69 w/ Sally's Card. No upcoming review. If y'all need a review or tutorial about how to use a rat tail comb then that's sad.
  • Queen Helene ~ Mint Julep Masque (mini jar 3 oz.) $2.99 w/ Sally's Card. Review coming soon, like later in this post.
  • China Glaze Nail Polish (sorry apparently the names are only the display not on the bottle >_< href="">Vanessa wanted but I got you girl I wrote it down :)
  • Storewide Coupon Sale Book w/ "up to $475 in coupon savings.
So the total damage at Sally's $9.14 b/c I had a $5 off coupon for renewing my Sally's card last month. Without the coupons I would have spent $15.92 (score 4 me! )

REVIEW: Biore Deep Pore Cleansing Strips. Blast from the past! I haven't used this stuff since sleepovers in High School. So I wet my nose set my timer for 15 mins. Peeled it off and, either I have clean pores or the ish didn't work, I expected to see more guck and funk...... The package came with 8 strips and a FREE gift a trial size(.5 oz) Restore Skin-Boosting Night Serum.
I give these strips 1 of 5 's because I expected more funk on that strip. Oh the box came with a booklet and some coupons for other Biore products
Before (both experients) My face is butt nekkid! Don't judge my nekkid face!

Strip marinating on my nose
After, I couldn't really see any funk on this strip >_<

REVIEW: Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque
So I've heard rav reviews about this stuff! I get nervous about putting new things on my face. So I tried it out and it felt tingly & good. I can't really tell if it did anything. Maybe I'll use it once a week. My face did feel rejuvenated and fresh! It was kinda hard to wash off. I had a grayish ashen look and my momma told me to stop messing with my "beautiful" face and to go rewash. She's soo cute! I give this product 3 ♥ ♥ ♥ because it felt good & tingly. I guess I need a regimen before I can truly rate it.
Rarrrr, scary green alien, Me So SeXy :) Wanna KISS me? Muahhh

Oh for my "paper thief" Beauty Bloggers. I got to go to JoAnn's in Syracuse. They had a sale 6 peices for 96 cents!
This one was my FAV :)
Unfortunatly they didn't have any Hello Kitty paper!!! Booo!!!!!!

Today was a brain draining day (after shopping). I'm finally back into the school grove. I missed a lot of work because the 1st week of school was during Mommy Cat's funeral, then my Uncle Emo passed away on 1/23 and I was in Syracuse for a week. So it's time to buckle down and get the sh!t done. My mom is holding up ok. She's depressed (so am I but I've dealt w/ depression since my frist go round of college. She just missed her Mom so much. It's so hard. She called me b/c she came home and I wasn't here (I was at Borders studying). I don't think she likes being home alone, so I left. Tomorrow is her 1st day back at work she hasn't been in since Jan. 10th.
Did you know according to funeral ettitque your supposed to send Thank You's to everyone who sent you a card, flowers, money, and everyone who attended the funeral! That's retarded. Everytime we sit to do Thank- You's we get sad and depressed. I convienced her only to send Thank Yous to people who sent money, gifts, flowers, etc or came to the funeral but lives really far away. Mommy Cat had a billion friends and if we send Thank You's to everyone who came we would be doing Thank-You's until April!!!!!!
I'm going to order my BB Cream tonight!!! BB Cream for Brown Girls is coming VERY SOON! I made a video but I wont post it, I hate watching myself on videos. I do have a bunch of episodes of the "Kendall Show", lol. The Kendall Show only gets recorded when Kendall is drunk, lol., which is usually on Friday's around 5:15pm......

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Kimberly Tia said...

Who youuuuuuuuuu callin' a paper thief... huh huhhhh

and im sorry that the lush gang was pressin' ya, darn them! i hate that.
and gasp BB CREAM!?!??!?

Miss.Fortune said...

girl i need a good skin regimen..
i have terrible skin!
but urs look all clean and smooth lol

and that picture of u wit the face full of the mask looks like me RIGHT NOW lmao

Neeyuh said...

Nice haul!! Those biore things don't work for me either. I had no clue the mint julep mask came in a jar, I'll have to look for that!

April said...

yayyy more BB cream you have to review those. im not as dark but allot darker then most of my bloggers and it would help lol

babycoconut said...

Ok I'm on pins and needles waiting to see the results of the BB cream!

They need to make BB cream for brown people. You know how much money they will make from me? I would like a little coverage without having to whip out my foundation every morning. I guess it takes to much time and moneu to make a shade of brown though for everyone out there.

paperdollrevenge said...

You look good without makeup! Ohhh I want me some Hello Kitty paper you're gonna have me running around looking for some! I can't wait to see which BB cream you get!

P.s. Love the new layout!

Anonymous said...

emailed ya.

Sher said...

omg mint julep comes in a tub?! I hate the tube cause its hard to push out! oohh this is the first launch ive been to and it was freaking packed, was sweating and stuff :\! Im bummed I didnt have money for anything except a creamsheen though :(

♥Leighz♥ said...

ooh! I haven't tried BB cream yet! I want to though. I just don't know whre to find them here in DUbai.Anyhoo,do a review when you get your 1st BB cream,alright? and yeah..those creepy salespeople that follow you wherever you go when u check out their stuffs are freakin' crazy!!i hate when that happens,too.i do the same thing,walk out on them.haha! ;)