Monday, January 5, 2009

Karoke Supastar! Silver Eyes

Ahhh, the feeling of fresh clean flat ironed hair...Sooo silky, soo smooth.... I was going to wear it wavy/curly this week but I like to air dry and its just too cold to go out with damp hair. Even though technically I have no where to go due to umm "lack of employment". This weekend kinda turned out to be a disappointment. The bf and I were supposed to go to the casino on Sat. but that didn't happend. His friend John kinda invited himself over which was fine the 3 of us could have gone, but John was on call so we couldn't risk the 2 hr trip to the casino booo! I had a tiny problem though. You can't go to the casino and rained on my parade but you can drink beer and hang out? What if you got a call? But whateva, boys aren't logical. So instead we drank in the garage and then headed down the road to the shady bar down the road for karoke night! I get greedy at kareoke. I think I own the mike.
My 1st song was "Bidi, Bidi, Bom Bom" by Selena. I sang en perfecto espanol. Yep, when Kendall drinks she becomes bi-lingual. Then some old man asked me to duet w/ him to that song "Hotel" by Sheral Crow & Kid Rock. My last song was "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse, b/c nothing is funnier than singin' about rehab after a night of drinkin'..... The night was pretty much uneventful until we went to the diner. I forgot what sparked it but I said something and the bf said "shut the f-up!", and he was serious. Instead of telling him off and lecturing him on RESPECT I ran into the ladies room and cried dunk tears. So I looked like drunk crying girl. See, the bf cannot drink Captain Morgan anymore, it makes him MEAN! I banned it, but the Captain somehow made it into the fridge and pint of it ended up down his throat. We got back home his friend left (b/c it the environment was soo tense). I told the bf off he sorta apoligized, we went to bed, then in the morning, I packed up my sh*t and left! I was still pissed. He called me later to ask why I left and I told him that I felt really hurt and disrepected, and he apologized. He never straight up apologizes so I guess he realized he really f-up! So anyways here's my look from Sat. night. My goal was to so a silver, gray smokey look, but it turned out looking kinda bluish.
I used greys and silvers from the CS 78 Piece Palette, sorry these colors have no names!!! I did use UD Oil Slick from the UD Ammo Palette on my crease and outer corners. I used my staples Primer- UDPP, Liner-Loreal Voluminous Black, Mascara- Loreal Voluminous Blackest Black, Blush- Clinique Spiced Wine.
I'm out! I'm supposed to start my papers for my intersession course, I said I'd start today but.... I'm just not feeling very "educational" now... Maybe later
Oh some random pics from the weekend.
Me rockin' the mic, sorry the pic is blurry, the bf doesn't know how to operate a camera.

The werid bottle opener thing that my mom gave the bf for Christmas. He always loses them so this one is a permanment fixture in the garage now!

Oh I have a Chic Lit, book review coming very soon! I also need another book to read!

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Anonymous said...

hey there! Thanks so much for swinging by and leaving me a comment! =)))

You are mighty welcome on the music ! Shes got a lovely voice. I also like her L.O.V.E re-make. you can listen to her music and other music on without downloading if you were interested.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Happy new year!

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

@♥ Kalila ♥ Oh, I'm soo in ♥ with Olivia Ong. It's a shame her music isn't on iTunes.