Sunday, January 4, 2009

Reader Request: Coastal Scents Blush Swatches

I had a request from the lovely ♥ Kimberly Tia ♥ about the blushes from the 78 Piece Palette & the 26 Shadow Blush Palette.
The first set of pics are from the 78 Piece Palette. These blushes are a little too light & pinkish for my mocha skin tone so I'll probably use them as eye shadows. I swatched on a off white/light beige-ish piece of scrapbook paper and on my inner arm. I also numbered them 1-6 (from left to right b/c CS doesn't name their palettes.

Here's the 78 Piece:

Here's the 26 Piece:I like the blushes from the 26 Piece Palette better especially #4 & #5! They are a better match for my skin tone.
Hope y'all enjoyed!! I have a weekend post in the works I was a karaoke superstar last night, lol But first I'm off to wash my brushes b/c I haven't washed them in a while and I'm sure they would appreciate a good cleaning.

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Kimberly Tia said...

awwwwww you're soo sweet! thanks for swatching those mama, I appreciate that, I just might have to get me that palette for myself... cept I went overboard this weekend with shopping and online hauls... so maybe in a month or so, or after i get back from Toronto, Canada. =) have a fab week darlin'!