Monday, December 15, 2008

Mini-Meltdown & Professor D-Bag

I'm still in a yucky mood...... I haven't touched any of my papers, all of them are due on Friday. I like freeze when it's finals week. I guess all of the stuff that's going on or not on with R is messing with my head also. I have two missed calls and I don't feel like talking to anyone right now.I haven't done anything today, except for for to D&D for a coffee run. Great Jon & Kate Plus 8 is on, now I'm really not going to get anything done. Why do I find all those kids so fascinating? I only want 2 if that many. Aww, some of them are pooping in the potty....
My Ad, Sales, & Promo prof hates me. He also contributed to my mini-meltdown last night. I wrote a paper about Product Placement as as Promotional Vehicle and he gives me an 80% and tells me that Product Placement isn't really a promotional vehicle. Well if it isn't then why did you put it in the lecture notes and why does it say it in the textbook? Huh, Professor D-Bag???
I should probably go out for a little bit but I really don't feel like it and I kinda have nowhere to go. I do need to pick up my RX at Walmart but that's not the place to go when your in a bad mood.
I'm really going to start my work now.......

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