Sunday, December 14, 2008

Anger Management

I seriously need anger management. Is there some kind of program that I can go to? Over a printer!!! My printer likes to play games with me and I don't feel like playing right now. I have FINALS!!! Research papers!! Research that I need to PRINT out!!! So lets UNINSTALL everything and then reinstall b/c I have nothing better to do!!! I seriously want to take the printer and throw it out the f-ing window. I'm about to go off!! Normal people don't go off on their printers. Normal people jiggle the wires, turn it on, off, on, off, uninstall then reinstall, they don't flip out. I bought this thing less than a year ago. My old dinosaur printer, I've had that since I was like a teenager and it didn't give me all these problems. I just couldn't really find ink for it anymore b/c it was so old and you had to feed it paper one sheet at a time.
I just bought ink for this thing too, one black and one color it was like $50!!! Do you know how much $50 is in UNEMPOYMENT money!!!They threw in some photo paper so I feel like I got a deal. Screw you CANON!!!!! Screw you CANON MP210!!!! I hate you & your expensive as INK!!!!!
Dear God, don't let me beat somebody's ass...........It's Christmas I should be feeling cheery........ Oh and don't even get me started on the other sh!t that's going on!! That's a whole different show!!!!

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