Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kinda Annoyed

I'm kind of annoyed w/ the b/f at the moment. He told me last night that I'm "rapidly bucking on some pounds"! No sh!t Sherlock. I'm unemployed and depressed, so yeah I gained some weight. I got an attitude (I can get very defensive sometimes). The thing is he's fat! But he doesn't believe it b/c his legs and arms are firm. He must not see his boobs and huge beer gut in the mirror. He claims he's been the same size for years. I have pics from when we first started dating and let me tell you, he's FAT! Thing is I don't care.
He didn't understand that he was totally rude to me and really hurt my feelings. He feels like it's his job to comment about my weight. He fears having a fat wife in the future.
It's true, I need to lose 15-20lbs. I lost 25lbs on Weight Watchers last year and I felt great but I didn't keep up with the program once I hit my plateau and I gained it all back. I love food and the foods I love aren't the best foods for me. I'll deal with losing weight, in my own way.
Sometimes I wonder what's the point of me and him. There are so many things that I cannot stand about him but I accept them. I know he'll never change, doesn't want to change and doesn't see anything wrong with his behavior. He lacks etiquette, and sometimes class. I get tired of excusing his behavior. I'm not going to sit here and rag on him. I believe he's a good guy but sometimes I wonder if were "right" for each other. Especially since he can't deal with my faults, habits, or behavior........

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