Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 It Was, What It Was......

I made no resolutions for the New Year. The habit of making plans, of criticizing, sanctioning and molding my life, is too much of a daily event for me.
~Anais Nin

So I guess I'm supposed to wrap up 2008, it seems to be what everyone else is doing to today. Besides I need to kill some time because I'm waiting for a more a appropriate time to start drinking it's only 3pm!!! I'm trying to hold off till 6pm or maybe 5pm, who knows. 2008 wasn't my best year on record but I learned a lot and had some good times.


I lost my beloved boss "Tiny" in March (they laid her off b/c she was preggo w/ her 3rd child which made her no longer useful... long story). Then the company was sold in August and I lost my job!! Even though all that horrible shit when down with "Tiny", I loved that job. I gave my all everyday. It was my "first grown-up job". I was starting to do stuff that I actually go to school for. I actually got to do Marketing stuff! Even though it was in the sports industry I didn't care I was given the opportunity to do something I actually wanted to do. Then my boss sold the company and shipped the entire operation to Chicago! I didn't go. I think that could have been a mistake, because I'm here now jobless.... I did temp at ESPN from September-Novemeber. It was cool to "work" there but all I did was make girls folders and staple contracts and develop an intimate relationship with the copy machine. I learned never to take a job for granted. I don't pity myself for not having a job anymore. Sh*t no one has a job right now! I'm not ashamed of my weekly State of CT check. I did work for it in the past. I'm not taking anything for anyone.
I've also decied that since the economy is soo sucky and that I will have unemployment until the beginning of next summer that I'm going to school full-time while I can so I can graduate faster, so when the economy picks up I'll have my degree!!! :)

I don't have any, well I did until the end of August!!! Except for the unemployment check that I recieve every week from the State of CT! CT minimum wage goes up effective tomorrow, will my unemployment check go up?? It's not much at all but it pays my bills and there's enough left over for Newport Lights and Bacardi every week so I guess I can survive. I also some how manage to support my hair and makeup habits!!! I didn't learn any lessons about "saving for a rainy day" or "an emergency fund". I buy too much sh*t. I may never learn that lesson. I thought saving money was for old people, old people need "emergency funds!! This economy taught me that no one is safe and when I get my next 9-5 I'm going to save the shi*t outta my pay, unless I need hair, hair services, or a Sephora fix.

I learned that I actually seriosuly have ADD!!
Going to school online rocks!!! Empire State College Rocks!!! It's great for my "attention issues, b/c I don't have to sit in lectures or "go to class"
Starbucks & Borders are my favorite study spots.
It doesn't matter how long it takes you too get your degree!!! I'll have mine in Dec. '09. So what if it's taken me since I was 18 on and off to finish. So what if my roomates from college will be getting or already have their Masters and I haven't finished my undergrad. We all have our own paths. I happen to take the long road.

~Relationships, Friendships & Family~
WTF, do I even want to go there. I'm still w/ the bf but our relationship is very rocky. We piss each other off, hate each other and at the same time we can't break up. We disagree on everything. We can't even agree that 2pm is too early to start drinking!!!

I haven't made any trips back home to Long Island this year (either b/c I was working 60+ hours a week or working 0 hours a week and gas was like $72 a gallon). I miss my home skillez out there soo bad. I missed the birth of a good friends 3rd baby Kingston Carter ♥ I was there for the birth of Makayla (8) & Kaylin (3) but I missed out on Kingston, and I feel really guilty about that.
"M" and I are no longer speaking b/c somehow everyone elses sh*t talking tore us apart. I don't think we will ever speak again. We are both too hard-headed to say "let's just cut the sh*t". Her husband also did something that I can never forgive him for. He made me realize that people can still be true bigoted a-holes in today's day and age. My issues with him have nothing to do w/ her. I can always just be cordial and ignore him. He's to ingornant to change and it's not my job to eduacate the world on the matter of race relations.

I did become really good friends w/ "C", she's the bomb. I wish she would check her e-mail more. We worked together and entertained each other. We laughed hard and sometimes cried harder. We endured the great lay-off of August '08 together. We took Power Hour Aqua Areobics at the Y with the old ladies twice a week. We went on adventures clubbing in New Haven, and even in lameo Danbury. We lost weight together (she's keeping it off and looking fab, I on the other hand gained it all back). We discovered Trivia Night at Widow Brown's on Tuesday nights and got our best score ever last night 36!

Nothing has changed much with my family. I thankfully still have both grandmothers, and everyone is pretty much healthy, & happy & semi-employed. Mom weighs like 106lbs and I'm jealous. I take after my daddy's side. Short & Curvy.

I miss my rommies from New Paltz!!! We need to have a get together really soon before one more of y'all get married or have more babies!

~Best of 2008 & Lessons Learned~

My family reuion in Memphis (July '08) one of my best trips ever. My first time to the "dirtty south". I went to the Peabody Hotel, Graceland, The Lorraine Hotel (where MLK was assasinated), The Civil Rights Meseum, Beale St., saw the Mississippi River.

I ate my ass FAT Chicken & Waffles, Fried Chicken, Red Velvet Cake, Fried Skillet Pie, BBQ, biscuits, cobblers & sweet tea!!!!! Had a great time with my Mom! We played with our Sleep Number Beds in the Hotel every night like children.

I got to go a real BSS (Beauty Supply Store), and stocked up on Haircare Products that I can't get "up North". Yes even on vaca I'm on the prowl for hair sh*t!
It was hott ass hell down there!!! 105 all day and all night!

*Going to Moghegan Sun w/ my bf w/ a $20 gambling limit per person!!! Playing Nickel machines all night & eating at the buffet :P)

*Discovering BHM!!! I finally found a place where I'm at home and I've made some great friends!!! Shout out to Tigereyes, Hairgirl203 and all my other BHM Divas!!! Wether I'm in the "weaves & extensions" section or the "Talk, Talk, Talk, section I always find myself entertained and informed.
*I learned to stop using "black-glue" and get sew-ins!!! My hair is growing beautifully!!! I even learned and did my own FULL SEW-IN w/ a net!!!! (Took me 15 hrs), nevertheless I did it!!!! I learned to stop wasting $ on strangly BSS hair and invest in Indian Remy Hair!!! I can re-use it for up to a year if I care for it properly. Although I'm "building a hair stash" and I now have an addiction to different textures and want them all!!!
*I learned which hair vendors are great and which ones will rip you off and take your $ and run.

*Discovering the "blogger" world.

*I'm really immature & silly, it's my nature.

*Hello Kitty still is and will always be the sh*t.

~Drinking Lessons~
*I've learned not to get really drunk be flirtly w/ your bf's bff, b/c boys are dumb and they take it seriously then call you a hoe even though " I was just playin'", seriously I was. I'm flirty in nature, some people don't know how to take it. Just b/c I tapped your crocth w/ a flip-flop doesn't mean I want your crotch. Get over yourself!

*I've learned not to get really drunk fight with your bf for no reason.

*I've learned not to get really drunk and throw an empty bottle of Twisted Tea on the garage floor to prove that "I'm a bad-assssssss"

*I've learned not to kick the garage door down when I'm drunk either. Doors cost $70 to replace.

*I've learned not to wear two layers of Spanxx to your bfs Holiday Party and bring a small purse. Bring a bigger purse not a clutch. Thigh-highs & Spanxx don't fit in my lil' Coach purse.

*I've learned that even though the open bar drinks are weak not to drink 7 of them then go to another bar have 2 real drinks, some shots, then continue to drink at home.

*I've learned that people don't appreaciate you drunk dialing at random hours. They don't care how much I ♥ them. Some people also get cranky about drunk txting too.....

*I'm trying to learn too drink and leave my cell phone, and internet alone.

*I learned NOT to call your ex from 4yrs years ago and cry into the phone and I say "I'm sorry" repeatly in slurred speech.

*I learned too always remove my makeup and tie up my hair before passing out!

*I think I drank way too much in '08... Oh I learned that I can drink like a dude!

I think I've confessed/written enough. It's time for me to brush my hair, put on my face and plant my ass somewhere, make a drink and eat my scrimps, tacquitos & chips & dip!! I'm stayin' in w/ the bf tonight & I don't mind at all!

Happy New Years Y'all

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