Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Staining/Doctoring Closure Piece

I was just reading a thread on BHM (Black Hair Media), in the Weaves & Extensions section. That inspired me to do a post about staining a closure to match the scalp of a darker skinned chica! So here's how I doctored mine.
<-- As you can see the closure "scalp" is very light and doesn't match my scalp/skintone at all! So after reading some threads on BHM I decided to take it off (un-sew it) and try the Tea Staining Method. Make sure you use BLACK TEA!! I'm not sure why but everyone says to use Black Tea. Sorry I don't have pics
of the entire process. I did this before I started documenting
Before everything hair or makeup related. It's intimidating to do this the first time especially after you just spent $150 + on a clousre peice. You don't want to ruin it, but trust me you wont. It's only tea. Next time I wont be a dumb dumb and do this before I have my hair done so I don't have to take it out and put it back on. Thank God I'm crafty with a weaving needle and some thread.

  • Towel(s)
  • Wide Tooth comb (y'all shouldn't be brushing your clousures!)
  • Clousure Piece (duh) braid it in lose pigtails so the hair doesn't get in your way.
  • Black Tea (got mine at at Target it was like $2 for 50 Target brand!)
  • A plastic bowl (like some Gladware you don't care too much about).

  • Prep your area lay down a towel on your work area, (mine was my carpet)
  • Ok so get your kettle and boil some water.
  • Pour the water in your bowl add your tea bags I've read you can use 2-10. I used 10 b/c I have a darker skin tone.
  • Let the tea "steep" for 10 mins.
  • Dip your closure piece in, (scalp part down) I let it sit in the Black Tea for 1 hr. (I checked it after 30mins)
  • Grab a towel, lightly towel dry it be careful not to "scrunch"
  • Let the clousure air dry completly before rinsing it!!! So the stain can "set" Very Important!!!
  • After it's dried, rinse it with cool water NO SHAMPOO!!
  • After it's dry, go get your hair did or re-install it, like I did

After After (it wasn't completly dry in that pic)

Presto! Note your clousure should not be the exact color of your face no one's scalp is the color of there face. After I doctored it I was a lot happier wearing the closure. Oh specs on the hair & closure.
Halley's Curls Large Closure 16"
Halley's Curls Gentle Wave 18'

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Bombchell said...

wow kendall!! ur the queen of weaves!!!!!! we so have to do a hair vid blog

Anonymous said...

You mention not shampooing after staining the scalp, what about after installation? Does the stain lift after multiple washes?