Thursday, January 1, 2009

Marley & Me, Green Shadow Look for New Years!!

Happy New Years!!!!!
I don't know what the calculater is doing on the table....... That was the set up for my Champagne Toast!! The bowl of champange was for the dog. I rang in the New Year with the bf & the dog. We invited some friends up but it f-in' snowed most of the day so they didn't come but whatev, more scrimps, appetizers, & drinks, for me! I think 2009 will be a good year. I'm basing this because I didn't begin '09 with my face in the toliet.... Usually how I ring the new year, and I always think to mylself that the 1st thing you do in the New Year kinda dictates your year.. So face in toilet = a crappy year. The last few years have been pretty crappy.. So I took it "easy" and none of my drinks ended up in el bano!!! I did drink enough to put on iTunes and cry about the untimely death of Selena and sing all of her songs out loud in muy perfecto Espanol to my bf who wasn't paying attention. All he said was "babe, why you singing in spanish I can't understand you, then went back to his boiler cleaning project. (Side note yes, hablo espanol for some reason, I pin it on growing up in Brentwood, NY where Spanish was the 1st offical language of the town.)

I guess I'll start off with a movie review.... So I went on a date with myself :) and saw Marley & Me. That was a huge mistake. I have a white lab (well it's my bfs dog & I'm his step-mommy). I'm a "hard" chick. Movies don't make me cry.... I can get a tad bit emotional at times, movies usually aren't my "trigger". I didn't even cry when I went to see Titanic when Kate Winslet pushed Leonardo Dicaprio off of her little wooden plank and said "I'll never let go", and his ass skank to the bottom of the atlanitc ocean. So I figured that I could take a movie about a cute dog that looks exactly like my dog. Well NOPE! I can't. I was ballin' like a baby with colic.... I went through three tissues (note to self, replace mini tissue pack in purse). Overall the movie was good. I'm biased because I have a white lab and the ending was very bad. I give the movie a personal F+, but to be fair, in real life I give it a B-. If your a dog person, an emotional person, I do not reccomend this movie. It was also crowded, I forgot that today was a "holiday". Which sucked b/c Thursday night is "student night" and the tickets are $7.50 instead of $10.50. But "student night" doesn't apply on holidays. If I would have known that I would have seen the movie at one of the theaters near my bfs house b/c they only charge $9 and I have a thing for a free soda that expires in 5 days. I also went too early it was a 8:15 movie and it was too crowed. If I wanted people around me I would of went with someone, but the next showing wasn't till 11:20 ...
I said this like yesterday but I'm gonna say it again. I NEED to get my HAIR DID!!!I've had this install way too long. I've stretched it well and beyond it's limit, I have to use Smooth Edges daily. I'll call Lia tomorrow or Monday, maybe she's off. I just really want to color the hair but I'm scurred!!! If I screw up I don't have the money to purchase new hair, unless I get some BSS hair.... Which I just can't go back too.

Oh my green eye look! The reason why I initially starting typing (damn it ADD). So my bf decided to make a super fun night of New Years Eve and choose to drink Bud Light and clean the cre-o-sol(sp) (the stuff that builds up on the sides and heats up and blows up boilers), off his wood burning boiler instead of watch TV with my upstairs and drink my dignified drinks. Since I was bored I figured "why not play with makeup!" So I decided to do a "green theme"..... I'm still a novice at creating a "dramatic" look. I can't tell y'all exactly what I did but I did snap pics and I remember what I used. I need more "schooling" on what to use on my inner corners, outter corners and exactly what brushes are for what. I have a pretty good idea brush wise but I need to be better educated. That's one reason why I started blogging and why I stalk certain peoples beauty blogs. So here's the outcome what do y'all think. I also wet my brushes to really make the color "pop".
<-- Disregard my intoxicated face...... I was the only semi-decent one I could find from last night............
  • UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion)
  • Urban Decay-Mildew (main color) from the Ammo Pallette
  • Shady Lady- Jealous Jordana (crease & outer) - the Balm Pallette
  • Cargo- (umm no name but it's the light green from the Bermuda Quad, actally it's color "A", I used it on the browbone)
  • MAC- Springtime Skipper Barbie Collection (mid color)
  • Loreal Voluminous Mascara- Blackest Black
  • Loreal Voluminous Tracer Veuz- Noir

I'm off I have to go get my 2009 Hello Kitty calendar from under the tree and write in people's b-days and put stickers on it! Oh check the "Dollar Spot" @ Target I scooped some fly Hello Kitty puffy stickers for $1.00!!! Holla

This my my baby Julius aka Mr. Mr. or Mr. Whoo (don't ask). He celebrated with a lil bowl of champange too last night! He's soo gansta. I totally ♥ him!

P.S. My 1st Coastal Scents order is current in Keasbey, NJ...... I live in CT soo I'm hoping it will arrive tomorrow. Monday is just unacceptable. My weekend its centered around these 2 pallettes and 1lb of unrefined Shea Butter. I don't know why I ordered the Shea Butter. I figure out something fun & useful to do with it. Note to self, no internet shopping under the influence.......

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Product Junkie Diva said...

lol love this post. Thanks for the movie review. You can soften your shea butter by mixing it with a blender and add in your favorite oils. depending on you rhair texture it may work well on your hair or your body.
I used my mixed shea on my body and it was very moisturizing. here is my post with my mixture
Your makeup looks cute on you!

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

Thanks!! I checked out your link and I'm searching for more supplies. Can't wait to make some fluffy whipped body butta!!

coffee said...

It would seem that Jennifer Aniston continues to give Brad Pitt a run for his money...

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

@ Coffee, I guess I gave both Jenn & Brad my $. Benjamin Button was a "film" in my opinion. Marley & Me was just a movie. Box office wise, Jenn kicked Brads butt.