Friday, November 29, 2013

Washi Tape Problems

I'm going to be 100% honest. A few months ago I didn't really know much about washi tape. I've seen it affixed to packages and I've always wondered where to get it from. I chalked it up to it being something only the cool kids in Japan could get. All I ever owned prior to my madness was two small rolls of deco tape received from a friend oversees.
Then when I started to become more curious about how to decorate my FiloFax pages, I started seeing it everywhere. It like stalked my life, I decided that I had to have them all.... In less than a month. I went from two very small rolls to this.

Compulsive Much?
35 ROLLS OF PATTERNED WASHI TAPE!!! 23 ROLLS OF THIN SOLID COLORS!!! The worst part is I took those pictures a few days ago so go ahead and add 5 or 6 more to the count.

I do my best to grab rolls that are on sale..Or to use a coupon.  The sad part is that I still want MORE..There's so many possibilities, patterns, width, patterns! I see other peoples layouts and I get all washi envious. I'm grateful for what I have and the compulsion needs to stop. I'm on an official washi tape NO BUY. Except for maybe 2 Christmas themed ones....

How do I store them? It's quite sad how I store them. At first they lived in a regular sized zip loc bag. That lasted for about 3 days and I had to upgrade bag sizes. I like to work on my decoration projects during my breaks and lunch at work so for now I keep using the bag system because it's portable. I can just sneak them in my work tote. I've been busted and its really weird trying to explain why I have 40 rolls of "weird tape" showing in my open work tote.

I keep the solids and patterns separated. I'm not sure if that's considered racist or not...

I've recently made my own washi tape "reference" sheets in my Filofax because I've caught myself buying duplicates. >_<  It's not my fault I buy things in my sleep... I seriously do. I get packages and I have no recollection of ordering the item. Or I get a confirmation email from Etsy or Amazon and I'm like "huh"?

I also think that decoration my Filofax helps me actually use it and look forward to using it, I think I've said it before but I prefer to look at cute things :)

I started out doing the solid ones on the back of a divider in Dulce (my personal sized Raspberry Saffiano, but then I realized that if I want to switch out my dividers I'm screwed so I decided to do the rest on regular Filofax note paper. I'm not to worried about buying dupes of the solid colors because I pretty much that I own almost every basic color.

I also wanted to do them in color order or sort them in an organized way but I realized that wont work because as I acquire more it will be a pain to keep them sorted.

I think these are my top favs!
I don't like the Deco tapes from the Scotch Brand :( It's colored tape it also has a weird texture, not wahsi tape but kinda like deco plastic tape.. I only have errmm 3 the solid pink at the bottom, the 3rd one down with the circles and a solid purple color.

Solid Washi Rainbow

So that's my collection/compulsion/confession... I'm really not buying any more for a while. Unless its a present from me to me, because presents don't count!


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