Monday, November 11, 2013

My Week #45

I hope everyone had a good week! This is how my week #45 panned out. I went with a Hello Kitty theme.

I can look at Hello Kitty all day everyday!

I love writing random quotes in the empty spaces! Since I always have Dulce open on my desk I re-read them. I wrote some quotes in Spanish because I've been neglecting my Rosetta Stone. :(

I do need to take my color coding a little less seriously. I lost my purple Frixion Pen for two days and I was like the end of the world. >_< I've ordered more so I have backups. Of course as soon as they arrive I found my misplaced one...

So far this is my Color Code Key.

Purple - Personal
Red- YouTube/Blog
Blue - Work
Pink - Personal (I noticed that I'm starting to use Pink for my YouTube and Blog

The heart and star stickers have the same meaning. They also make things stand out a bit more. Who can ignore a sparkly star or heart? Ok well I can kinda ignore it if it's something that I don't want to do.

I did add to my Filofax Family this weekend!

I will formally introduce her to my blog soon. Dulce was starting to become a little spoiled. So I gave her a sister. I named her Cali because she's a Calipso. So her full name is Cali Calipso. I was going to name her Demaris. I was going to give all my Filofax children D names. But Demaris doesn't suit her. When I think Cali I think of fun, bright, sunshine, warm air, palm trees, frozen drinks and fun. It's ok if there names don't start with the same letter.

I don't know how I ended up with her. I was driving home Friday night and thought. Hmm, I should go to the mall. I pass two malls on my way home from work. Neither mall has any Filofax retailers. Lenox Square is 4 exits out of my way and requires hitting traffic and a toll booth. So I went on purpose just to "look" in Paradise Pen maybe get some inserts or something. Then I spotted Cali. :)  I honestly was not a fan of the Calipso line from pictures online. In person. I snatched her. It was the last pink one. They also have a bright blue A5 Calipso that I side eyed. She was also 10% off.

Isn't her color & texture stunning?

Dulce (top) & Cali (bottom)

 Me & Cali filming 

 Cali in her plastic wrapping. No black box :( 

I ended up hand making my MO2P Calendar for her. I'm tired of fighting the finding 2013 inserts in October fight. :/ I covered the spots where my lines were a bit off with washi tape, but I removed it because it was to "busy". 

I hope everyone had an awesome week. I will post this weeks layout soon as well as my plans for Ms. Cali


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