Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Introducing Ms. Cali My New Calipso Deep Pink A5 Filofax

So I thought I would share Cali in her “original state” before I completely move in and settle down with her. She’s an A5 Calipso in Deep Pink and she’s beautiful. I literally grabbed her at Paradise Pen at the Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta, GA. 

The super nice sales girl wrapped her carefully in tissue paper. 

She was on sale which means zero guilt for me. If something is 1% off it makes me feel guiltless. 

I love the texture of the strap it makes me feel fancy. I pretend that it's gator :)
Yeah, she's a boss!

She has 6 credit card/business card slots. I put my business card in there because I run this show. I also put my Hyatt Gold Passport card in there because it's gold and it came in the mail that day. Gold = Fancy. Also, back in September I stayed at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Miami and that trip meant a lot to me. So when I see the card it reminds me that dreams do come true and that when I grow up I can live in the Downtown Miami Hyatt Regency on the Concierge Level (23rd & 25th floor). I asked, it's not cheap but it's possible. I also fell in love in Miami (Yes, I'm in love with a city). Hopefully in a year or so I will become a resident of North Cuba. :) I speak Spanish so the language thing is not a big deal for me at all. Being down there and actually having a chance to speak Spanish again was better then lame Rosetta Stone.

How can you not love a place where mannequins have implants!

Selfies with Palm Trees

Ok, sorry I completely went of on a tangent. That's how I roll. Bare with me or scroll :) <- did="" i="" just="" p="" rap="" rhyme="">
I put some work order forms in the secretarial pocket. I'm going to punch holes in them and shove them in the back. A huge part of my job is sales and I need to make sure that I always have order forms on me. In case a client calls. I think they have radar because they always call when I'm in the car, shower not at work.

I love the Filofax multi color cover page. I have a fly leaf on top but I had to remove it because it was reflecting light during our photo session.
Looks like an Island Carnival!
I already started making dividers for her.I'm not 100% sure if I love the paper but that's the beauty of DYI inserts. They cost next to nothing so I wont feel guilty when I change them. 

I went with a dot, stripe, chevron remix :)
I need to find the perfect paper for custom inserts.

October seriously sucks for being new to Filofax and Planners. All the retailers have already sent back their 2013 inserts. :(
So I ended up doing my own thing for my MO2P Calendar Pages, some blank Filofax paper and some super thin Sharpie Markers. The bleed through is no joke. I should have known better.

I'm also not a fan of this MO2P layout. It reminds me of an appointment book. It wont work for me. Luckily I found some cheap 2013 MO2P on Ebay. I don't have the patience to sit and make my own. 

These are the dividers she came with. The colors are nice but not so much for me. So they will serve as templates. 

She came with a zip pocket in the back. As you can see I'm not sure what I want to put in there yet. 

So that's really it for now. With Cali. She's going to be my home Filofax. I plan on using her for my schedule (I will keep her synced with Demaris calendar wise) Home related To-Do's aka Apartment Projects, Notes, 365/30 Journal, Secret Keeper, BFF :) 

I also realized that she's not super heavy in my purse. I carried her on some errands as an experiment. I do prefer to keep Dulce in my purse as my go to PA (personal assistant). I've been bringing both her and Dulce to work with me. I don't think she's ready to be home alone yet. I also like to bring her so I can "work" on her during my breaks and lunch. 

Super Secret travelling stash bag. Shhhhh

I will update more as I move in. I want to take my time and get everything just right. I rushed setting up Dulce because I was so excited and I've ended up having to do things twice which is no fun. 

Dulce felt left out of this post so I had to include her. She was under the impression that she was going to be an only child like her mother. :) 

I also learned what not to have so much dang planner envy. I feel like everyone has better layouts, cuter washi tapes, better stickers, awesome sections. Then I realized that just like people all planners are different and we are all awesome in our own unique way. 


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Fabulously Thrifty said...

Love it..and I love how something is 1% off it means it's guiltless lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Kendall!
Guilt-Free Shopping due to Sales! I love that excuse. I use them all - "I was Exercising in the Shopping Centre"... "It was the last one!"... "I had a bad day"... "I'm celebrating!"... etc.
I can't wait to see what you do to customise Cali (and continue to work on Dulce!), I'm especially excited to see how you work on your custom inserts :D
Hope you're well!

Unknown said...

I love Miami too. I've wanted to move there ever since I first saw "The Golden Girls".

♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

@Cruz, I hope I get there for good before I'm a Golden Girl :)