Thursday, April 14, 2011

Staining/Doctoring My Wagman's Perfectress Closure Piece.

Hey Y'all

I wanted to share how I prepped my Wagman's Closure before installing it. I wanted to stain the "scalp" a bit so it would appear to be close to my real scalp color. I decided to use a closure because my leave out hair needs a break.

A closure is usually used to give a full weave (no hair left out) a more natural appearance.

That's the packaging in case anyone is curious...

Out of the box (un-parted)....

There is no extra lace on their closures. I found that to be a little odd at first but it doesn't really matter... I planned on placing it behind my hairline. So I did not need the extra lace or silk. I would have folded it back if it was there.

I've wrote a more detailed post on staining a closure piece before, this isn't really a tutorial, more of a show and tell and update. :)

Before I stained the closure I washed it with Perfectress Shampoo and Conditioner. I don't really like to wash the closure after its stained. I do wash it when its on my head but I don't put any shampoo directly on the "scalp" part. (I'm sorry if that sounds weird)

I use Black Tea to stain my closure this time. I wasn't in the mood to mess with RIT Dye because last time I ended up with a purplish looking closure and it was a project to correct it.

This box was like $1.79  at Target and it came with 24 tea bags.

Make your "tea" in a shallow bowl. Let it marinate...

I used about 10 tea bags.. I'm real extra...I actually should of used a little more water. I forgot that the tea bags will soak up a lot of the water.

I use hair clips to pin the hair up and I let it soak in the water for 30min to an 1hr. I found it easier using a shallow bowl.

Let it soak (I say marinate, lol). Find something to do! Clean, do laundry, dance around the house, give yourself a pedicure.." A watched closure doesn't stain" XD

After a nice long soak I rinse the closure in cold water. Cold water sets the stain. Then I re-heat the water in the microwave and throw some new tea bags in and repeat.

I let the closure piece air dry after the second cold water rinse. I don't wash it until its completely dry. When I do wash it I wash the hair only to get the tea off of the hair. The tea does not hurt the closure at all. It might smell like a tea but thats the only adverse effect that I have experienced and I've done this 5 or 6 times.

Unfortunately I could not get a clear "after shot". It's not a dramatic difference but its stained enough for me. My scalp is very light, probably because it rarely sees the sun. Out of all of the closures that I've dealt with this one was the easiest for my to stain. It "took" to my satisfaction after two rounds. I've had to repeat the process up four times in the past.

If your trying this for the first time let the closure air dry completely before re-soaking. Also if it looks really dark don't have a heart attack, it will look a little darker wet.

Once the stain is set I don't find it fades much over time.

Luv Y'all!!

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