Sunday, April 3, 2011

Black Hair Media~Atlanta Divas Meetup

Hey Y'all,

I apologize for being late with this post. I'm a blogger not a journalist.. :)

Last Sunday I got to have lunch with some of the Atlanta members of I believe that most of us tend to post mainly in the Weaves & Extensions Section so everyone's hair was on point. I almost didn't go because my current hair style had seen its last days and I planned on getting my hair done later that week closer to my bday, but I didn't want to miss out.

We decided to meet Sunday at 2pm at California Pizza Kitchen-Atlantic Station.

Every time I go to Atlantic Station I lose my freaking car!!! There's an underground parking garage that spans the whole area.

Atlantic Station

Atlantic Station is huge! There's tons shops, movies, bars, and restaurants. It's almost like a city with in the city.

The parking is underground and you should really just make a map, especially if you wander Atlantic Station... I parked in Yellow Publix P1 (why I still remember that is beyond me). CPK is in the green part by the yellow arrow.

Underground Parking


This didn't even help me. I fail.

Events like this are so hard for me. I'm so shy, and I get so nervous. I'm working on my shyness. Going to events like these actually help. Everyone was so nice and friendly that I really had nothing to worry about.

When I arrived I was thinking to myself  "how will I find the group?" As soon as I walked in I saw two groups. One fabulous hair and the other smaller group average looking... I found my "people". We were a diverse group from bone straight to kinky curly! Short tressess and long ones and real long ones. We had to wait a while because CPK doesn't take reservations on Sundays. So we used the time to chat and introduce ourselves.

It was nice to finally put a face to to forum user-names, it's all fun to learn peoples real names and see their faces. Although I think we used real names and our online names interchangeably.

Once we were finally seated we started to chit-chat and look over the menu, by that time we were HUNGRY!! Thank goodness I ate a Lean Pocket in the mid-morning before going because I was hungry by the time we were seated. Our waiter Alejandro (<- I really remember random stuff) took our drink orders.

We went around the table and said what we were "wearing" :) Not clothes but hair.. Lol, I thought this was so cute and appropriate. I probably should of taken some notes.

So here are some pictures from the lunch!!!

Just desert no lunch!




Afterwards some of the ladies went shopping!!! I unfortunately couldn't participate. My debit card is mad at me!!! I'm so glad that I went!! I had to go underground and hunt for my car. I had a great time. We said that we were going to try to get together more frequently. I'm looking forward to the next meetup! My hair is on point now and I need a "do-over".

Luv Y'all

Mean It!!






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Bombchell said...

lol i always try to park at the same spot in atl station. or i look for the closest stairs, aka number 2, 7 etc, and i walk down that stairway when Im ready to go home.

Kendall said...

lol, I think I wandered to far from where we parked and I was like CRAP where's Yellow Publix 1 *sad face*

Working On Me said...

Great Post...looks like you all had a wonderful time. Love the photos...I laughed when you said your photo of where you parked did help. LOL. Again great post.

Kendall said...

I seriously am always losing my car. It's really sad. I'm happy I didn't wear heels that afternoon...
XoxO, K