Monday, March 14, 2011

Shattered & Crackled II- China Glaze Fault Line Crackle Polish

Hey Y'all!

I recently did a post on China Glazes Black Crackle Polish, (Black Mesh), so I figure why not do another follow up post on the purple one that I purchased Fault Line.

I like Black Mesh better. It crackles better? I found the purple one a bit thick and applying it too thick doesn't lead to the best result.

I used two coats (lesson learned from previous post) of Confetti in Vava Voom as the base color, one coat of Faultline.

The finished look!

Maybe it was the color combo, but I'm not feeling it. I might try black polish next time as a base, but it's spring and I want to feel spring-ish :)

If you own China Glaze Crackle Polishes what are some of your favorite color combos?

Luv Y'all

Mean It!!

XoXo, Kendall

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Javonne said...

i actually really like the pink with the purple!