Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief

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I've been wondering what I can do to help the situation in Japan. Over the past week my eyes have been glued to CNN, and Japanese news (translated into English of course) and reaching out to friends and family that I know in Japan via Skype, Twitter and Facebook which have become invaluable tools because celluar service is not 100% back up in Japan but data and the internet are working. I also have many blogger friends who live in Japan and are enduring this tragedy.

I just found out that Kroger kicked off their "Round Up" program today for Japanese disaster relief in the Metro Atlanta area. Starting today Thursday March 17th, you can round up your total shopping bill to the nearest dollar and the proceeds will go to the Red Cross. The program is "tentatively" scheduled to run until March 26.

Every little bit helps even if it's only a few cents.

Donations can be made to the Japanese Red Cross through Google's Crisis Response site, which also offers resources and information about the disaster.

Unfortunately when there is tragedy or disaster the douche bags always crawl out and try to profit. The FBI and the National Center for Disaster Fraud, created to investigate fraud in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, has a "tip line" for the public to report any suspected fraud. The number is (866) 720-5721 and lines are manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Or you can email

My friend Yumeko who lives in Japan hosted a Beauty Fundraiser for Japan. They are sold out  Le Tsubasa Masuwaba  Lipbalms (with a cell phone strap)! $10 USD +$4 shipping is a STEAL!! Especially if you love collecting Japanese cosmetics and products like me. I will be sure to link the next one up faster. It's a great way to donate and get something "physical" in return.

Every time that I see a disaster happen. I look around my apartment and realize how unprepared I am. I found this kit on Amazon Japan.

I will admit that I was worried about Hello Kitty. I feel guilty for thinking such selfish thoughts. One day I will go to the "Hello Kitty Mecca"....

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