Friday, October 8, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 4-A List of 15 Songs that Represent Your Life's Soundtrack & F.O.T.D.

Hi, Y'all!!  This one is tricky. No particular order. Just songs that remind me of good times, bad times, random times..

A List of 15 Songs that Represent Your Life's Soundtrack.

15. Back to Black ~ Amy Winehouse 
Yeah, I'm obsessed with Amy Wine-o and patiently waiting for her to get her sh!t together. 

14. My Own Worst Enemy ~ Lit
Sums up college!!! PLESE TELL ME WHYYYYYY!!!

13. Walk Away ~ Christina Aguilera
Shoulda taken this song to heart a lot quicker than I did....

12. Me & Mr. Jones ~ Amy Winehouse
She says fcukery in this song so it's one of my favorites!

11. Total Eclipse of the Heart ~ Bonnie Tyler 
My first ballet solo.. Then I quit because my feet hurt and I realized there were cooler things to do on a Friday night than be holed up in a ballet studio.

10. O Ella O Yo ~ La India 
This whole album is the business! Circa 1994

9. Gin & Juice

8. Tyrone ~ Eyrka Badu

7. Piano Man ~ Billy Joel
I'm from Long Island... Had to throw some Billy Joel in this piece!

6. Beyond the Sea ~Bobby Darin 
(You had to be a regular at P&Gs @SUNY New Paltz circa '2001 to get this one. They closed the bar every night to this song...)

5. Wake Up Alone ~ Amy Winehouse

4. Hit Me Baby One More Time ~ Britney Spears
She made me realize that my high school uniform was HOTT!! I just had to alter it a bit..

3. Notorious B.I.G. ~ One More Chance

2. Billy Jean ~ Micheal Jackson
My mom wont let me forget how I butchered this song by singing Billy Jean is not my brother, he's just a girl that says I'm the one. And we danced on the roum... WTF is a roum???

1. Underneath It All ~ No Doubt

F.O.T.D. Posted especially for Ms. FabDiva b/c she didn't see my Twitpic and called my behind out!!! 
I felt pink today!!! I broke into my piggie and sample e/s stash today. I swear I need to move them because they aren't in arms reach so I forget that I own them (lazy)...
Sorry for the craptastic quality. I used my phone because my camera was on the other side of the room (lazy).... Which sucks because it's really pink it looks purple

 If I ever get arrested, I want my mug shot to look like this. Serious but cute.
 If I ever get arrested, I want my mug shot to look like this.

Pink with a glittery highlight... 

 Washed out >_<

Luv Y'all!!
  Mean It!

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Jacquelyn said...

Girl! You are too funny! Love your FOTD and the list of 15 songs are awesome! I love Gwen Stefani's Underneath It All. I can just listen to that song all day!

princessvalecia said...

ha ha I thought I was the only black girl who knew and loved Lit that takes me back to senior year of HS! Loved the list!

Mets GirLL said...

That is a damn sexy mug shot pic lol.