Thursday, October 7, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 3

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 3

A Habit that you wish you didn't have....

I need some Orbitz because I have a dirty mouth y'all.... Neither of my parents curse (at least not around me)... Don't know where I got it from. I blame it on private school.... Don't get me wrong I know when to be a lady and when to watch my potty moth. If I had a swear jar I'd be rich.... Here's a list of my favorite bad words.
Fcuk! There are so many ways to use this lovely 4 letter word. 
   What the fcuk?    Shut the fcuk up!!!    It's fcukin' hot!    It's fcukin' cold!    I'm soo fcukin tired.
   I'm fcukin' drunk.    Y'all are getting on my fcuking nerves!     Let's fcuking go.   
    Y'all need to shut the fcuk up!  I'm/were fcuking late.

Douche- Any variation of this word is a favorite of mine. I list people by degrees of douche-ness

Douche Lord- Is like King or Queen of the Douches.... You can't out douche a Douchelord
Douche Bag - Mid range douchery
Douche Tard- Low grade doucery.


What kinda phuckery is this? What kind of phuckery are you?

Luv Y'all!
  Fcukin' Mean It!!

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Vanessa M. said...

lol i curse a lot too >_< and i work w kids lol

ko0ty said...


I use to curse a lot too but I really made it an effort to tone it down. I still do when I'm drunk though. :P