Monday, October 4, 2010

30 Day Blog challenge: Day 1

Hi Y'all!! So I'm gonna keep it moving and do the 30 Blog Challenge.. Since I have writers block this will give me some inspiration...

Day 1 -  A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself (I'm not that interesting).....

That pic was taken Saturday night (10.02.10). I was being a shameless cam whore... 

So here are my 15 facts about myself.... 

1. I love Hello Kitty and I don't really understand people who hate Hello Kitty. Like what did Hello Kitty ever do to you.

2. I used to cheat on Latin quizzes... We used to pin the answers to verb conjugations to the hems of our uniform skirts. Sorry Academy of St. Joes :)

3. I'm obsessed with Social Media and I hope to become some kind of Social Media Guru someday.

4. I'd like to tie in the above with makeup and beauty products.

5. I stopped hoarding makeup months ago and realized that I have a lot of sh!t that I don't use and I'm rediscovering "hidden gems" in my collection all the time.

6. I can SURVIVE on my own :) I've learned to build stuff and cook food.

7. I'm a neat freak! (In my own space, I could care less if other people are messy).

8. I love to sing and dance. Preferably alone. There's like big stage production numbers going on in my head.

9. I love my little family, but I really wish I had like 10 siblings.

10. I hate eating outside. I disappear at picnics and BBQs.

11. I hate white condiments... Mayo, Sour Cream, Cream Cheese, Ranch Dressing..

12. I have style in my head but I have trouble translating it into real life..

13. Same goes for shoes.. I love heels but I usually punk out and wear flats..

14. I carry way to much crap in my purse, it's like 1st aide kit up in there.

15. I also want to be a dolua or a mid-wife or an infant nurse... 

So that's day 1....

Love Y'all 
   Mean It! 

2 ♥Say Something♥:

Imee said...

u finally started the challenge! yay!

BTW, I can totally agree w/u on #8... i'm always throwing concerts in the shower LOL

Old Cow said...

Looking forward to your posts!