Friday, March 26, 2010

Nature Girl??? Nature FOTD!

Hi Y'all!!! It was absolutely gorgeous down here the other day! It was sunny and in the mid 70's  so I decided to take a little road trip to Jackson, GA to check out Highfalls State Park (about 45mins from Metro ATL). I went there this summer but it was hot as hell and I wanted to go back alone and relax by the water.

In the early 1800s, the site was a prosperous industrial town with several stores, a grist mill, cotton gin, blacksmith shop, shoe factory and hotel. High Falls became a ghost town in the 1880s when a major railroad bypassed it. Today, park visitors can enjoy the scenic waterfall on the Towaliga River and hike to the remaining grist mill foundation. A campground, picnic areas and canoe rental are also available. This pretty park in middle Georgia is conveniently located near I-75 and makes a restful side trip for travelers. 

 The sound of the water falling was soo tranquil and relaxing... I'm a "water child"...  I grew up on Long Island.. Always 15mins from the beach....

The sign says KEEP OFF!! Which made me more curious! lol

This was the other side... People were fishing and in a few weeks you can rent a boat and float away........

 Like my Nature Face? It was kinda windy by the river...

Like my "Nature FOTD"?

High Falls State Park
      76 High Falls Park Dr
      Jackson , GA 30233
 There's a pool there to! If your like me and not into swimming in lakes!

Nice & Clean! No yucky river slime!

Mini Golf...

You can also camp there if that's your thing... You can camp in a RV or rent a Yurt. If I was to camp for some reason I'd rent a Yurt!!!

Want to spend the weekend in the woods but don't want to pitch a tent or haul an RV? Try camping in a yurt.
Think of a yurt as a tent that is already set up for you. The six yurts at High Falls State Park, one at Red Top Mountain and five at Fort Yargo State Park are like canvas and wood tents with decks, a picnic table and grill/fire ring. The interior includes electric heat and a ceiling fan, furniture to sleep six, electrical outlets, large windows and locking doors. A water spigot is located outside. All you need to bring are sleeping bags or linens, cooking utensils, a cooler, food and attitude for fun.
  • Bathhouse with hot showers is within walking distance.  
  • A fire ring/grill and picnic table are provided outside. Cooking is not allowed inside the wooden yurt.   
  • Maximum stay is 14 nights.  
  • Maximum occupancy is six people (five at High Falls). Bunk mattresses and convertible couches included.   
  • Pets are not allowed in or around yurts.   
  • A ceiling fan and screen windows are provided.  Please do not bring portable air conditioners.   
  • Quiet hours are enforced from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.

 Outside View

Inside View

 The sun was getting strong!! I only had SPF 15 on my face :) So it was time for me to go.... Once Kendall get's hot it's a wrap!!! So I left and spied a DOLLAR GENERAL!!! I go into Dollar Generals and hoard ELF stuff!!! I didn't go in because 4 pickup trucks in the parking lot had pretty little CONFEDERATE FLAG tags on them.... So I don't want to go where I'm not wanted. No ELF for me in Jackson, GA!
I wanted to stop by my cousins house in Barnesville, GA to see his "stripper horses" Caramel, Cinnamon & Salsa!! (The horses aren't strippers they just have stripper names for some reason.)

So I got back on I-75 and out of nowhere I see a BILLBOARD that said...


1000 Tanger Drive
Locust Grove, GA 30248
P: (770) 957-5310

Only I would have a "one with nature day" and end up at the damn outlets! :)   ........ I didn't shop crazy b/c I'm broke. I picked up a few Spring/Summer tops from Old Navy! 

All my Spring/Summer stuff is at my parents house in CT.. Which I'll be picking up next week!!! I'll be home for my bday!!! I'll be in CT from April 1st -12th!!! 

Luv Y'all
  Mean It!!!

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Tammy said...

Once I'm hot I'm done
Damn woman I would have at least leaned over the fence that said keep off of man & taken a pic...haha!

That pool looks purdy..I don't do mucky water either...I don't trust nature..!!

Hope to see you soon!! <3

becky said...

Hi Kendall,
Enjoyed reading about your nature girl day, lovely to journey with you...great blog, nice writing.

Those are beautiful yurts, nicer than most that you'd see in parks! Thanks for the pics.

If you or any of your readers want more info on yurts (they make a great women's space, and an inexpensive home you can own w/out a mortgage), please visit or join me at "Yurtlady" on Facebook. Would love to see you there!

becky kemery
Author of "YURTS: Living in the Round"
YURTLADY on Facebook

wuzzyangel said...

LOL Yurt! But it looks really comfortable! Great pics Kendall! It seems so nice & relaxing over there!

And yes I love your Nature FOTD! Very pretty just like the surroundings! :)

LOL "where you're not wanted"! LOL! but still it's their problem!

LiLMeXiCo said...

mmhhhmm, good looking out Ms. Kendall :) definitely looks like a spot we might need to check out!

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................