Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More ATL Quickie Word Vomit......

Hi Y'all!!! I know that lately I've sucked at blogging!  The days are just flying by! Being unemployed in a new city is a full time job.
I wake up, and do my hair and makeup (if I do my hair and makeup I don't crawl back into my bed). Make lunch. I'm trying so hard to eat in the house and stick to healthy food.  There's so much fast food down here.  There are places new to me like Chic-fil-A, Sonic, Mrs. Winners Chicken & Biscuits, Bojangles' *Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits. There are more but y'all get the point.  My A$$ has expanded a bit >_< so I try to eat before I go out for the day, then eat dinner at home. 
Then I go to Borders or Starbucks check my email fill out job applications read the AJC, and do school work until I need a break. Then I wander around Wal-Mart & Target and buy stuff (I left a lot at home) and I need "stuff" to to set up my room here.  Plastic drawers are a gift from GOD!! Unfortunatley I was unable to bring mine from home so I had to get all new ones... I wander a lot, lol... I'm
Then I go back to Borders or Starbucks and do more school work and job hunting then I go home for the night and do the same thing... Sometimes I go to the movies since I've been here I've seen Couples Retreat, Good Hair, & Whip It.... It's all about entertaining yourself!
I'm a little homesick. I want to go home for like a weekend, NOT FOREVER, lol. I feel like my parents hide things from me....
I know this was another lame-ass quickie but I have to try really hard to go to bed early b/c I'm going to Columbus, GA to see my cousin Krissy, her daughter & her new baby and do her makeup for an event she has tomorrow.  :)

  Luv Y'all
    Mean It!

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Tammy said...

Thankfully we only have 1 Chic-fil-A in the area and it's really inconvenient for me to go there...I would be a FAT ass if it was nearby. I swear their waffle fries are a drug...they have the best hint of bacon flavor..lol


anne-nonymous said...

hey mama,

how is the A? i have been neglecting my blog as well. I just got a new job and work is killing me for real real. anyway i wish we had a chick-a-fila down in the bay area, but we dont. i wish we had a sonic's down here too, but we dont. sonic's is bomb too. i hope the A is treating you well. i will be blogging soon and hopefully regularly. take care

anne l

wuzzyangel said...

I'm glad to hear you're doing well! And I hope you find a job you like soon!! mmm.. all that food sounds good though! :)