Saturday, August 15, 2009

♥ My Pretty Pink Box ♥ August '09

Hi y'all!!! I wanted to do a quick review on August's My Pretty Pink Box. I was soo good and made the video the day it came but y'all know I roll all late & crap. My life has been so hectic!!! School is killing me!!!! My summer session doesn't end until August 28th and I'm taking three 4 credit courses.
I also changed my move date!!!! September 10th is just to soon for me to hop on the Midnight Train to Georgia, lol (I'm not taking a train I'm driving). I just have so many loose ends and stuff I need to take care of here before I move. So I plan on moving a month later sometime around Oct. 14th. Changing the date made me feel so much better!!! My mom is happier too.
So here's my super cheesy video! I'm trying to get more comfortable shooting them and looking into the cam and not into outer space or touching my face and hair... I also say "ummmmm" a lot....

*No primer used, swatched with a Qtip

P.S. Here's a quickie of me playing with my "ex-step doggie"..... I miss him so much, and I got to see him 2 weekends ago.

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Nu Nu Doll said...

I am glad you changed the date of the big move girl! :) I think your move will go smoothly now! yay P.S. Love your make up in the vid-I wish I looked good with green on!

wuzzyangel said...

How do you make your vids so quick?! LOL! I think I talk too much that's why my vids run long! Even though I do 2 boxes, but I do ramble! LOL! Great vid!! My editing sucks.. that's why too! LOL!

Good luck with all the moving stuff! Your mom is soo cute for loving you to stay longer! :)

Awwww DOGGIE!!!!

Tali said...

Great video your really natural on it (not to mention you looked really really good!) I love long posts/rviews like interesting to read!

Im a disaster.. one of those girls who cant stop adjusting her hair! haha it looks like i have fleas or something!