Monday, August 3, 2009

ATL Part 3.... The Finale & The Annoucement....

Hi y'all!!! If your like really lazy and aren't into reading scroll to the end of this post for a very special announcement!!!!
Saturday Night 07.18.09- We Be Clubbin'

After the Family Banquet it was time to hit the club!!! I had to go to a least one club while I was in the "A".... So my cousin Monica (side note when we were kids Monica would come stay at old house on Long Island for a week or two every summer, and I was so jealous of her cute Southern Twang, after she left I would keep her accent for weeks... ) So Monica suggested a Club Called Hole in The Wall, in Buckhead (which is a part of Atlanta)
So me, Monica and two other cousins James and Kevin, meet me back at my hotel and we flew out in my Economy Rental car like a bunch of ballas, lol
The club was HUGE!!! I loved that it was well air-conditioned (it's hot down there y'all), they also had lots of big fans, and an out door area. This place has like 3 bars and a few pool tables.
FTON- Touched up from the Banquet (this pic was taken in the bathroom at the club)...

We had a really good time bonding and catching up and looking at the eye candy!!!!! I thought that I could dance, I guess I dance like a Northeast girl... .... Well in the south, y'all people have a choreographed dance for so many songs, I had to go to Twitter for help, lol.... I didn't know how to Swag Surf., I'm still slow hen it came time to do da 'Stanky Leg', I also didn't know how to Turn My Swag On..... I'm good with doing the Halle Berrrry, :)Besides that I had a great time!!! I secretly recorded a guy dancing....
ATL- Club Cam

He was such a good dancer, then a bit later he asked to dance with me, actually he didn't ask he just kinda pushed up on me....
The club was really fun, I only wanted to stay out till 2am, but that didn't happen. I missed the family breakfast the next morning at hotel. Actually, my mom said that no one between the ages of 21-29 showed up :)
Sunday 07.19.09 ~ Wednesday 07.22.09

It was time to check out of the Marriott and to take my mom to the airport on Sunday afternoon! It was sad! I'm so attached to my mom, but I was also excited to be "on my own'" in ATL for a few days. I booked my hotel via and I was nervous as hell because you choose your preferences and you don't see the name until you pay for it..... I stayed at Extended Stay Hotels

It ended up being a great hotel for what I paid, $100 for 3 nights!!!! My room was huge, I had a desk area, big bathroom, king bed, pull out couch/ sitting area full fridge, stove, sink, microwave and the kitchen cabinets were stocked with pots, pans, dishes, forks and knives!! I was like, damn I could live here, lol.... Only catch is there isn't daily housekeeping unless you request and pay for it. Housekeeping only comes every 7 days, but if you want/need more towels, toilet paper, linens you can request them free of charge. That was no big deal to me, I'm grown, I can make my bed besides I didn't have to tip anyone or worry about people coming in my room... Besides, I had a great view every morning.....
Seriously, who wouldn't wanna pull back the curtains and see that.......

I wont do a day by day anymore because at this point I can't remember on what day I did what.... So if you were there and I'm mixing up the days forgive me :)

Random ATL FOTD! (I'm a Beauty Blogger)

I hung out with Jaimie and Ke'anna we met up at an Italian restaurant by her house called Carrabas that had the best Lobster Ravioli!!!! (ok I'm clueless this is a chain place, I just Googled it and found one by me, it didn't taste chainy) She made me go NAKED FACED b/c she was going to do my makeup. Like my Kim K. big curl FAIL, lol....
After lunch Jaimie, Ke'anna & I went back to Jaimie's crib and she got to work and played with my face.
Ahhh.... Much better, lol..... I can't believe I went out to eat all naked faced!!! If you have any questions about my look du jour contact Jaimie b/c I don't know what she did but, she made me look pretty!!!! Besides she's like a professional...... I just play with stuff :)

Then she touched up Ke'anna's makeup a bit, which was fine and then I said "let's cam whore y'all!!!" With that statement I knew right there that us three are destined to be BFF's or as they say down there Ace Boon Coons b/c they didn't give me the side eye.....
Triple Threat!

Double Trouble

Like my hat?? It's a Kustom Kimberly Tia Kreation!!!! BUY HERE


I'm too silly sometimes....

We so kawaii!!!

After our makeovers and cam whoring we headed back near where I was staying in ATL and went and we went to the Perimeter Mall right by my hotel. The Perimeter mall boasts the only Free Standing MAC Store in the state of G.A.!!!!!!! Jaimie my love has a ProCard and she shares......... :) So I got a few things :) I treated to Jaimie a Powder MSF for letting me use her ProCard and for being such a genuine and sweet person. She let me into her duo with her and Ke'anna and now it's an official trio :)

After the mall, and at stop at Chic-a-fil-a, (yummmm, we don't have Chic-a-fil-a in the N.E.) we had a little bit of car trouble!!!!!
Jaimie can work a brush but the po' chile is a FAIL when it comes to figuring out if your car is over heated!!! lol So we jumped in my pathetic ecomony rental and went to WalMart!! They have the solution to every problem at WalMart!!! But Ke'anna saved the day by pouring Coolant in Jaimies car in front of BLOOMINGDALES, lol......

All fixed!!!!! Yay Ke'anna!!!!

Random ATL Pic
*Please Click to enlarge*
I almost caused an accident when I passed this billboard.. I don't think Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would of approved of one of the lines from one of his most famous speeches to be used in a advertisement for BOND BONDS!!!! I've also never seen a billboard for weave hair!!!!

I also stopped at my Jason's apartment in Decatur. I died when I saw "the bucket" at last year's family reunion in Memphis we went out one night on Beale St., and got us a big ass bucket of alcohol and we were supposed to share it!!! Jason got greddy, he claimed the bucket of alcohol like it was an infant or something.

I got automatically addicted to my new MAC lippie Naked Paris, and e/s Humid & Sumptuous Olive

I think I'm wearing MAC Steamy e/s in this pic

Sumptuous Olive & Humid
Notice that I'm becoming a winged liner gal??

So that was my trip!!! I soo didn't want to leave :(.... I've been thinking about moving to ATL for about a year now and this trip pretty much made up my mind........

Sorry y'all, I talk to much, sorry about the volume, I didn't realize how loud my background music was. Also please excuse my messy room and crazy hair.....


Love Pack from Ms. Ke'anna
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Nu Nu Doll said...

your yotube video is And you're offically a winged eyeliner whore like meee! Welcome to the club ;)

Jaimie said...

i didnt litter! lol but yes i such a woman cliche, clueless when it comes to cars

Katrina is a Princess said...

Kendall you look gorgeous!!! your hair looks amazing! You're just a doll, thats what your blog name should be - Just a doll.

Looks like you had fun with Jaimie!! I cant wait to meet you two and Nunuuuuuu I wanna meet Nu toooo!!!!

ABC's 4 lyffffff!!!

BECKY (Embrace Your Imperfections) said...

i like all the looks you did. you look very hot!

pretty cool view! you dont see that everyday.

Anonymous said...

lovee your video amd post! Make a youtube account missy!!!

Tammy said...

It looks like you had a great time..I can see why you want to move. *sniffle, sniffle*

I'm loving your hair. =)

Vanessa M. said...

your sooo sexy!!!

Tali said...

NICE VIEW!!! :) Id love to see that if i looked out the window.. yum!

and nice mac haul.. love the colors (from what i can see of them!)
I love super long posts.. its like reading a magazine!!

wuzzyangel said...

Looks like you had FUN!! I'm soo glad!! And dang girl you be looking SEXY all up in each pic!! Lovin the Steamy one though!! Mmm...SEXY!!

Haha.. Young boy getting his PYT on!! That is a great song to dance to! Don't worry girl I don't dance AT ALL! So choreographed stuff would've left me in the dust!

Soo KAWAII indeed with KT's Lolita hat! :) You all look so purrdy!! Nice little MAC haul you did there!! And lol at the bucket!

HOTLANTA WATCH OUT FOR THE POPOLO!! Good luck with all the moving and all the details!! I'm skurred to go ATL are there even any Japs there?! LOL! I'm glad you and your cousin can help each other out. I'm sure you're mom is proud of your for taking off and spreading your wings!