Thursday, July 9, 2009

Weekend Update Part 2: Lipstick Mafia Pow Wow

Hi Y'all!! I know my postings are all jacked up and out of order..... So here's part two of my crazy weekend!!!!
Friday July 3rd - Afternoon.....

On the train from Grand Central back home! Nothing like walking into your house looking like a strung out crack hoe wearing the same thing you had on yesterday!! My parents are really, really proud..... I hit up TacoBell needed a Meximelt and a nap.......
*Image taken from Google.... My hands are brown and more girly lookin!

After my delightful 3 hour nap it was time to get ready for the Pow Wow!!!
JULY 3, 2009 9:30 PM
Neighborhood: East Village
128 E 7th St
New York, NY 10079
(212) 473-0220

I have like no pics for FOTNs..... I did a gold eye and smoked it out with black, slapped on some lashes packed the rest of my makeup and crap and headed back to the train station........ I did my face on the train... Yes I'm that "girl" that spread my sh!t out over 3 seats and made myself a traveling hair and makeup studio! I really should have took a picture.. I figured what else did I have to do on the train for 1hr 45mins???

Of course I got to the city late.... I can't help it!!! Blame it on CP Time and my cab driver who expected me to know stuff like "what avenue the resturant was between"! Seriosuly cab dude??? I'm already late and you don't know where to drop my behind off!!! I must of really confused him because he felt bad and turned off the meter, lol....... Finally I make it to my Pylos!!!!

The Crazy B's in Attendence
Pam, Tammy, Diana, Mel, Jen/BeautyMoogle, Jen/EtherealPrey, Vicki, Desi, Lynnie, Lily, Helen, & Patty....... (Hope I got everyone, thanks for emailing me the list Tammy♥ )

I was immediately gropped by Pam.... No "hello", no "nice seeing ya in real life", my Pink Pammy Pie grabbed my ta-tas like an infant who hadn't seen her mama in days :)...... I expected that was going to happen ♥

The restuarant had clay pots hanging from the ceiling.....

I love hanging out with other bloggers & foodies!!! Taking pics of everyone's apps and food is normal... I wonder what the waiter thought of the Food Paparazzi???


I think these were fried plantanos thingys....

I don't know what that was some kinda pasta dish it looked really good!!!

Like Familia!! I love how Tammy was at the head of the table like Jesus at the Last Supper!!!! ;P

I should of read my menu better!!!! SCRIMPS :)

Meatball thingys???


Pita Triangles all warm & fresh......

After we were fed & full it was time for swapping!!! It was the most confusing swap ever!!! The directions were really easy. Pick a name of of the box and then give that person your gift.... We were all like "huh", "what do I do", "who do I give this too", "I picked my own name", "huh", "what".......
Pam gifted us all with the "sluttiest pink nail polishes that she could find!"

'Tis better to give & recieve or swap!!!

After dinner & swapping we had to leave Pylos, they were kinda trying to close and we were keeping them open. Sorry Pylos!!! I'm sure they loved it when wer all decided that we had to pee and touch up our makeup!!!
People kept stopping us in the street and wanting to take pics with us b/c they've never seen so many girls together walking around NYC?? Really we were in the Village.... Some guy thought we were hookers new to the game and kept telling us not to "be all bunched up on the corner and to spread it out because the cops are watching"! Thanks for the advice Mr. Pimp!

In all it was a great night and I'm soo happy that I got to meet so many amazing and hilarious ladies!!! I wished I could of stayed for kareoke but the last train back to CT leaves Grand Central at 1:53am and y'all know what happens to me when I miss trains..............

Saturday July 4th 4:00am

I was soo exhusted! I didn't do jack on the 4th of July, I celebrated my freedom in my bed.........


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Nu Nu Doll said...

mmmm lots of food porn! :) I am so sad I couldn't go!!! I am going to plan a dinner party in the fall though... hehe You have to come!

verina oei said... pimps not helping at all
aww swapping part is the best

wuzzyangel said...

haha!! Spread out so the cops don't tag ya'll asses! LOL! That is hilarious!! OMG!! You guys all looked you had soo much fun!! Wish I could've gone to meet your crazy asses!! :)

You spread out over that train girl!! Hey a chica's gotta look good!! And next time I take a cab, I'm gonna try to confuse my driver, so he'll turn off the meter too! LOL!


Tammy said...

Like Jesus..?? LOL..Woman you were at the end of the table!!! =P

Damn I forgot about 'our pimp' trying to get a cut of that $$$$ LOL

~Mel said...

haha!! tammy at head of table! haha.. hilarious!! girl, i didn't know u're from CT?? my sis lives there too.. dang.. glad to have met you at the pow wow! hope there are plenty of meets in the future! =)

Bombchell said...

ROFL @ the cops are wacthing!!!! lol that's so funny.

Askmewhats said...

oh gosh! people taking pictures with you all because you're all so pretty! but the Mr. Pimp is just HIGH LARIOUS!!!!

mszcheysser said...

Wooow! That's alot for the meeting! :] OMG @ the clay pot ceiling, I never seen anything like that! And HAHA @ the MR. PIMP guy.... was he trying to be funny, or something? that's crazy! haha. :] Anyways, all of you looked like you had a great time!

Sofee said...

awww looks like u had lots of it !!

courtney said...

Oh my gosh looks SO fun! I wish I could go to all these pow wows!! i hope you had a ball! And you should check out my blog :)

courtney said...

Because i have a reallly good blog sale goin on right now!!