Monday, July 13, 2009

I Want A Girl w/ Extensions in Her Hair..........

Hi y'all!!! So I finally "installed" the hair that I wrote about last week!!! I've become such a greedy bi!tch when it comes to my hair.... I remember the simple days when I'd go downtown to the Korean Beauty Supply Store. Yes, they are Korean I'm not generalizing, I know them well, no they don't sell any Pocky, Yan Yan, Hello Kitty Hard Candies, or ingredients for Hurricane Popcorn, or BB Cream (sucks right).. They only sell hair, wigs, luggage, cheap jewerly, universal cell phone accesories and ethnic hair products...., I'd walk in and "pick my hair"2 packs of 16-18'' Milky Way Hair, a bottle of glue and a rat-tail comb and then glue that crap to my head with "black glue"........

Ohhh, the glue so easy, so fast..... So craptastic for your hair!!!! If you FOLLOW the DIRECTIONS and don't become a glue whore your fine... But I took that crap too far for too many years and just got careless.........

I started lurking on Black Hair Media in the Weaves/Extenstions and I became enlightened and educated !!! I learned that glue is not the answer!!! It was time to grow up and bust out a needle & thread and learn to braid & sew!!!!
I also learned why my "beloved" Milky Way hair sucked! Bascially BSS Hair (Beauty Supply Store) is crap! Although the package says human hair it still sheds like a dog, swells, poufs, and tangles after about two weeks!!! That kind of hair is soooo processed that it just looks pretty in the pack and for about a week on your head! The cuticles aren't aligned and it's the crap hair collected from floors and brushes and doesn't come from the same donor.
As I read the BHM boards, I started to become a bit of a length whore......... 14" wasn't enough, so I went to 16", then 18" and I stopped at 18" for a while.........

Then I found out about Virgin Indian hair and it was a WRAP!!!!
My greedy behind ordered 22''!!!!!! This sh!t is sick!!!! Call me Mochahontas.......
This hair is slightly booty sweeping as my friend who did it Anya said!!!!

Boob Covering............

Crazy Hair!!!!!

I was blog browsing about a week ago and I saw her hair & I WANTED it!!!!

The Lovely & Fierce Katrina M.
So I left her a comment on her blog, twitter, FB, email.......... Informing her that she was my weavspriaton and I needed pics of her hair, like ASAP! I'm such a stalker/weirdo.... Thank you sooo much Katrina for sharing your hair porn! ♥!!!! YOU MY WEAVSPIRATION!!!!

Is it believable??? Probably not.. Do I look like I belong to the Indian family next kinda. Do I care?? NO! I'm dramatic, I like things BIG!!! Big butts, boobies, hair, purses & wallets.....

I know it's coming so heres some Q&A..... I'm NOT a professional!!! I'm answering these questions based on my personal experiences and research........

Q.-Why do you like weaves so much?? Are you bald??? Do you hate your natural hair???
A:-No, I'm not bald, nor do I have some kind of good hair vs. bad hair complex. I just like big long flowy hair. God didn't give it too me so I buy it :)
My natural hair is about mid neck length. I had a horrible experience with a too-tightly braided weave last summer and I lost huge patches of hair from the roots!!! On top of losing a lot of hair I also cut alot off because it was in such bad condition.

Doyou relax/chemically straighten your natural hair?
A.-Not anymore, I'm off "creamy crack". My natural hair has flourished and has become so much stronger, fuller & healthier since I stopped using relaxer. It's been about a year since I've relaxed my hair. I like wearing full weaves so relaxing my hair isn't really an issue. Also why relax your hair when all your gonna do is cornrow it?? If I choose to not do a full weave I would either flat iron my leave out, tex lax, or do a quick relaxer using the EVOO method.

Ladies if someone is braiding or sewing to tight, please SPEAK UP!! I'm blessed that my hair grew back in those spots. If your face is being pulled back and if you can feel the blood flowing through your head and get white bumps along your hairline. REMOVE IT ASAP it most likely will not get better and its not worth the damage to your natural hair. You still have to take care of your natural hair!!
Hair Tradgedy of July 2008...

Q.- How much did the hair cost?
A.-I used a closure piece at the top b/c I don't want to deal with matching texture and abusing my leave out...The hair was in the $300 range for 3 4oz bundles in the following lengths 18'', 20'', & 22"......
Underside of a closure... Allows freestyle parting for a full weave with no "leave out" or horseshoe. (The white spot it just conditioner that I got on it).
The closure was about $120. Virgin hair is a lot more expensive then BSS hair but worth it b/c I can probably get 4 installs out of it and I wear my installs for about 3months. Long lenghths cost more.

Q.-How much hair did you use?
A.-I ordered 12oz. (I'm greedy and I wanted extra). 4oz is equal to what you would buy at the BSS. I think I used about 6-7.5oz + the closure. The average "head" can probably get away with 8oz (two bundles). I will probably sell the 18' bundle b/c I didn't use it. Yes, girls swap and sell hair, just like how us beauty bloggers sale & swap makeup :)

Q-How long did it take to put in?
A-Normally, 3 hours but my friend did my install and it was actually the first time I met her and we ended up talking, hanging out, shopping, taking breaks so I was there all day.

Q-How much did it cost to put in?
A.-A friend I met on Black Hair Media needed a "model" to build her portofolio and contacted me to see if I would mind "modeling" in exchange for a free install. I did tip her :) My regular stylist charges $150. My project hood girl charges $30... But you get what you pay for.. I can do it myself but I fail at braiding/cornrowing I did it once and it took me over 10hrs......

Q.-How do you, can you wash it?
A.-Like regular hair.... In the shower so the water flows down the hair and I try not to srunch it up when I shampoo, because it can be damaging to the hair. I also air dry, if I blow dry I use a heat protecant. I wash my hair once a week, if I have a funky night out and I get really sweaty or smoky I'll wash it or "co-wash" (which is washing your hair without shampoo just water and conditioner. Daily or too frequent shampooing can dry up the hair. Also my natural hair wouldn't appreciate being washed daily it would be soo dry and brittle if I did.

Q.-Can you go swimming?
A.-Yep, I just put it up in a bun or make one or two big braids and then try to rinse or wash & condition ASAP... When I took aqua fitness I wore a swim cap bc I went 3 times a wk and I'm too lazy to wash condition etc. that often

Q-What Products do you use?
A-I try to use shampoos that are Sulfate free. My fav is Creme of Nature (you can find it in the "ethnic hair care".. It's sulfate free & certified organic. I also am loving Neutrogena Conditioning Mask. When I feel like I need "shine" I use a little bit of Fantiasia IC Hair Polisher Mist (Sally's carries this product). I try to stay away from any products that have alchol bc I can by drying to the hair.

Q-Can you straighten/flat iron or curl it?
A.-Yep, I make sure to use a heat protectant and not turn the iron up to the highest setting.

I think I covered the basic questions... I still have reader Q&A that I haven't touched upon in this post or the other one that I wrote about extensions. My next post on extensions will answer those questions and any more that you have for me......

P.S. KT!! Your up next girly!!! I have to take pics ASAP!!! I have empty wrappers and an empty box of Hello Panda, lol...... I must take pics for I shove mailed love in my face.......

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wuzzyangel said...

OMG woman SEXY!!! LOL!! Mocahontas! LOL! You crack me up! HA!!

But dang, I never knew that this much went into extensions, or that there were soo many diff ways to go about it!! So I learned something new!

And I'm glad your hair grew back for you.. It sounds painful!! :(


Rai said...

LOL! You're so silly.
Love the hair though.

Why not buy a front lace wig?

KiLLaCaM said...

Kendall! Mochahontas! The new hair looks so lux and soft. I just wanna run my fingers thru it and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. lol

it looks damn good!

I BLEED PINK said...

Thanks for sharing this post!! I heart weave, so your post was right up my alley. Now, I have to ask, I have never ventured into the $300.00 hair, so do you reuse it or how does that work?

Mets GirLL said...

LoL my Mochahontas. Sexy choice! I loves it.

Anonymous said...

you are just too cute!! no i dont mind at all!! i am flattered!! hehehe

looks great!!

Iyah said...

the honey mask smells like honey and its yummy!! :)

the POW WOW pics are just too fun!! OMG you guys all looked sexy! hoping to meet you soon! You need to come to IMATS next year!! :D

Your hair is just too gorgeous! I love the waviness on it :D I also love the color!!! :D You are a weave expert!!!

mszcheysser said...

LOL @ Mochahontas! How cute and creative! I want to try getting extensions! My coworker got hers done at Japan, and it looks so real! OMGGGGG :]

I AM Nique Famous said...

Bay-beeee!!! I have walked in your shoes!! I use to think glue was the shit and used it so much that my hair fell out. But I think when it comes to extensions you have to give your hair from time to time because I lost have from sewing it in. Stay with one person who knows what their doing and I think you'll be hella fine, your hair is looking beautiful so I'm sure doing fine :)