Saturday, May 23, 2009

Catching Up, Stuff I Neglected to Post & Love All The Way from Hawaii!!

Hi Y'all! So I went to the CCO (Store #813, park in the Purple Lot) at Woodbury Commons like a bunch of weeks ago and I never posted the swag I scored....

The bag with the boxes has been staring at me reminding me to post. Now I can break down my boxes and put them in my "box" bag. Yeah I'm a odd one I keep all of my boxes..

Isn't this Palette Pretty!!!! Infatuating Rose :6 Cool Eyes
It also came with a little ass MAC Brush (MAC213SE)

I was good! I only got three things!! Since I'm a "glass half full" kinda girl I got "9" colors.

MAC Eyeshadow Suite in Counterparts
Sorry the color looks a little "wonky" but the darker shade is actaully an "army greenish with a hint of shimmer", the lighter color is a "tanish with a hint of shimmer".

Mineralize Blush ~ Gleeful
I suck a picking out blushes. I'm not really into blushes. I think because I'm not the darker side of the spectrum and most blushes look stupid on me. I'm so addicted to my HG Blush Clinque "Spiced Wine", but sometimes you have to change things up a bit .

Wuzzy Angel
!!! Truely is an angel. She overheard me on Twitter being jealous about not trying Hurricane Popcorn, lol.... She then DEMANDED that I give her my mailing addy! I quote "Just email me your mailing addy!! Or I'll find some other way to get it! O_o" She wasn't playing so I gave up the digits, and a few days later what do I find in my mailbox???
Hurricane Popcorn!!!! Secret Love Note!!!! Dr. Pepper Cherry Chocolate Lippie Tin!!!!!
Tropical Eyeshadow Trio!!!! Macademia Kissess............

Wuzzy!! I &hearted; you before but you made this Northeastern Girl feel tropical!!! Yeah I ate both already!! It's my new favorite late night study snack.... I actually ordered more from Hawaii Hurricane Popcorn Company Wuzzy did post the recipie on her blog but I'm an idiot and I like to pay shipping from HI, lol.... Besides there's no Asian Markets near me and the people in Stop&Stop gave me the worst kind of *side eye*, what's this crazy betch looking for face... They told me to try the "Indian Market" down the road. Dumbasses..... Wuzzy watch your back!!! I can't let a such a sweet gesture go unappreicated!!! I'm getting my creavitity together and puttin together a lil' somethin' somethin' for you......

So ladies, I'm out it's almost 4am on the eastside here. The birdies start getting all loud & sh!t around 4:30-4:45 and I have no patience for that. Don't those bridies know that I'm just drifting off to sleep!! I guess the sun didn't get my memo either because the sun starts to rise around 5, and my vampire ass need to be asleep before the sun rises.


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wuzzyangel said...

Ohh great haul!! And yup a palette is a "half-full" deal!! More fo yo $!!! And that blush is nice!! I know what you mean about the blushes... NARS Orgasm is my HG, but I've been trying diff things lately too! LOL!

You a sweety!! LOL! And I would've have found another way! HA!! Stupid Stop&Shop peeps... Side eyein my Popolo!! Hrmhph....

Vanessa M. said...

pretty!!! i love your goodies and awe wuzzy is so sweet <3