Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm A Spoiled BIRTHDAY Princess!!!!!

WARNING: Pic Heavy & Long............ Don't know why I'm warning y'all. Because if you know me than you know I talk a lot and like pics......... Besides, it's my blog and my bday so I can do what I want :p . Sorry, I had a Diva moment.......
Hi Y'all! I'm still luxuri-atin' in my Birthday Love!!!! I don't feel old or anything except my knee is bothering me :( !!!! I feel so loved by y'all that I've been blushing for days!!! I may not have a lot of "like-minded" girlfriends here in CT but I have you guys and every single Birthday wish & shoutout on Twitter, Facebook, BB Messenger, Text, Message, Snail Mail, Card warmed my little heart. It meant so much too me especially because its my first bday with my Mommy Cat (my grandmother). I miss her so much.... I was sad because she always sends me a cute card and calls me and sings to me in the phone.
So I'm sure my mailman thinks I'm one special betoch because he's had to drop packages at my doorstep.
Oh my Natalie, how do I love thee? You surprised the FREAKIN' crap out of me!!!! Me & Natalie go back, way back like since the 7th grade way back. She's my sutlry Puerto-Rican lover. I miss her soo much! She sent some surprise luvin'............... Too cute!!! Melissa aka Fabulously Thrifty smacked me with luvin'..... Like hardcore XXX Lovin'!!!!! She said I "over swapped" with her...... Melissa!!! Your a sneaky betoch & I love it!!!! She lost her damn mind put it in a red bubble mailer and sent it to my house!

Were both working on our "Revolution to Style" (check out her blog) she thought this would help me out!!! A huge coupon book to Woodbury Commons!!!! I soo need this!!! I'm sharing it too!! Melissa my love were going on 2 dates now! One to the Melting Pot & the second date to Woodbury Commons. Let's schedule ASAP!!!... What will we do for our 3rd date.

What's in here?
A pink Dooney & Bourke Wristlet!!!! Too cute & soo springy & summery!!!

A Beautiful Lip Gloss by Too Faced!!

Mario Badescu Skincare- Citrus Body Cleanser- smells so devine! Used it Saturday to wash my butt before I headed out for the night!!!
Melissa also sent me a book because we both ♥ Chic Lit! The Ivy Chronicles by Karen Quinn (which isn't pictured bc I already started reading it & when I took pics last night I forgot to take it out of my purse). Yep, I'm nerdy I walk around with paperbacks in my purse.

A Love Note!
Filled with sonnets & love!!! I like the card it reminds me of Long Island!!!

Thank You Melissa!!!! We've started a never ending love battle!!! WATCH YOUR BACK!!!!!!
Then came Saturday, the day before my bday, I was feeling a little stank bc it was rainy & gray and my plans for the eveing weren't panning out... I open my door and there's a box wrapped in a plastic bag to keep it safe from the drizzly rain................

All decorated with Kawaii-ness!!!!!
You totally surprised me Ms. Kimberly Tia!
What's in here?
KLEAN COl♥ Rainbow Wheel

Mango Fruit Bars Meiji Meltiblend Candies (delish chocolate candies that meltin your mouth, literally melt in a sexy way............) Revlon Lashes & Press on Nails!!! Natural Pack Silk Powder Hyaluronic Acid by Naris Up Cosmetics
KLEAN COl♥R Rainbow Wheel

Hello Kitty Bow & Felt Kawaii Ass Bows!!!!!
Can't wait to rock them!!!!!!

Look at the little Mouse, he's soo cute
Secret Love Card!

My Night Out
In all, I had a wonderful birthday. My night out didn't turn out the way that I planned, but I'm I can't complain. Me & "C" went to New Haven to see what the scene was like. First we went to Bar for some New Haven style pizza & a drinks...
Then we walked over to Ivy Lounge........ It was ummm interesting... There was supposed to be a Burlesque Show but I think we missed it because we got there kinda late :( . It's an interesting place. There's a basement area with a bar & DJ and they were spinning hardcore trance dance music. Reminded me of a rave, there were people dancing with glow sticks just flowing around. Sucks that I left my pacifer, candy necklace & E at home......... The middle level also had a DJ spinning 80's music and a bar......... The top level had more of a lounge vibe with a bar lots of black leather couches and I liked that part the best but I don't think my friends did :( they also had a heated outdoor roof area. I would go back there but in the summer because they didn't have a coat check and it was in the 30's last night and I had to lug around my coat which kinda sucked...... So we went there and went to another bar called Hott Tomato's or something (sorry, can't remember). I had the best martini it was called and Bubble-something (sorry forgot again) it had Skyy Vodka, Strawberry Puree, Champagne and (sorry, I forgot). It was soo yummy.... There were three guys sitting next to me and I feel really bad because one of them introduced himself to me and I couldn't understand a word he said. All I got was that he's visiting from Africa...I kept calling him "Coming to America"....... He thought I was a bitch because I kept saying "WHAT, HUH & YEAH", I must of sounded like Lil' John........ It wasn't loud in there I just couldn't understand the brother.... He gave up on me & I think I offended him.......... Than home we went......

What's a Blog without a little talk about makeup? I did a really bright purple smokey eye...... I used Beautiful Uglies Indelible Creme Eye Shadow in Plumkin & Beautiful Uglies Pigment in Grapevine, MAC Parfait Amour, & MAC Carbon............
"C' said that I COULDN'T WEAR MY HELLO KITTY TIARA >_< href="">Wuzzy picked for me. I love Twitter & Twitpic! You get wardrobe assistance from all over the globe!!!!

And last but not least, My Dana! My ride or die chick since Kindergarten! Send me a musical card with a Starbucks gift card!!! Thank You!!! Starbucks is my study spot!!!!

The Perfect Day!!! Music Card

I'm a dork! I also made a slide show of all my bday cards, lol :) I love cards! I always read every word and I save them in my "life box"

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wuzzyangel said...

Look at all your birthday goodies!! And my you got some sweet gifties!! You deserve it all woman!!

LOL!! Top #3 was just bday classy that's all!! :) You looked gorgeous too by the way!!

So cute your BDay card slide show!! :)

Linda said...

Yay! Birthday goodies! And this made me crack up:

"All I got was that he's visiting from Africa...I kept calling him "Coming to America"......"

Michael loves that movie and knows every damn line.

Kimberly Tia said...

aww shizzle hit off with some massive birthday bizzle!

but why -- cuz we ladies just LURVE YOU -- i cannot wait to see your reviews, and you rockin my HK bows on YO HEAD!

happy birthday sugar!

Sher said...

omg it took me forever to find out where the post comment link is lol
You got some neat stuffs, yay! surprises on bdays are the best! even if its just a card :)

Rai said...

Happy Belated Birthday! =D
My nieced turned 2 yesterday, too.


haha. This post cracked me up.

Mets GirLL said...

I'm so glad you had a rockin birthday weekend and that you liked your presents! I told you, you deserve to be spoiled!!
Yes, we MUST plan our weekend. I think I may have our 3rd date in mind..maybe the NYC Make up Show??

KiLLaCaM said...

you totally deserved to wear your hello kitty tiara on your birfday! Diva moments are ok on your day and your look was hot!

Glamour Me Up ♥ said...

awww happy belated bday!! your bday looks was soooo fab! :)

Vanessa said...

Awww happy birthday my love! Damn that's quite a nice bday haul I love it! And I hope you enjoyed your day princess and I am with you, I hate culturally unaware people, ugh!

jenn said...

Happy birthday!!!

ekimura said...

Hi kendall!! happy b-day I just had mine on the 1st! loving your cute blog!!

ㅤㅤㅤㅤJéssy said...

Wow .. you won much things on your bday =)

Congratulations my flower! I wish all the best for you ... and that your blog is a success for many years! so you make me happy for many years too =)

Ah! I loved your dress girl .. he seems very nice, I am looking for the perfect dress for my graduation at my school .. haha

Beijos --> ( Kisses in portuguese)

Anonymous said...

Birthday girl!!

Remeber you are special everyyyday! Not just on your bday! =))))

Those are wonderful gifts!

Comin to america was on TBS this wkend. lol.

You probably should of been nice to the guys...cuz who knows..what if they were the Princes of some part of Africa??!?!? U messed up!!! lol

Face Graffiti said...

happy bday boops! ouhhhh u got some madddddd gooodies!

Devi said...

Everybody loves you, K! XOXO (I've sent my best regards through Facebook, rite! :))

Afro Heroine said...

Happy belated birthday hun!! Sorry about your knee.

Looks like you had a blast!! And all that birthday love :)

And your dress looks fab btw

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Happy Belated Birfday!