Friday, February 6, 2009

Special Entry Dedicated to Kimberly Tia

o I'm soo jealous >_< of Kim Tia's crocheting skills. She's one Happy Hooker!!! I tried to learn in December and gave up after the basic chain stitch. So I dusted off my yarn and my kit.

Yep, I keep in in WW canvas bag they gave me just for showing up!

The Neddles (they don't usually hurt) and the dumb book that doesn't help LEFTIES even though it says it does >_<
I wanted to learn how to make Amigurumi figures just like my Crochet She-ro Ms. Kim Tia......(click for her craft blog).... So I tried again and and here is the debut of......

~Kendall's Kawaii Kritters & Designs~

Kawaii Long Pink Worm - 8 ft long $10USD

Very Kawaii Pink Braclet (includes extra yarn to make it stay on your wrist $20USD

Amigurumi Pink Eyeless Doll (limbs & body not included) with hair $50USD
(hair is removable if you like a amigurumi hairless doll)

Headband (pink it's the only color I own) $10USD
Necklace (only availible in Pink) $11 USD

I only take PayPal and will ship internationally if I feel like filling out the paperwork at the PO, depends on my mood.

Hope you enjoyed! I just know the orders will fly in, I hope I can handle it. Oh the necklace and headband are the same so there's only one, so 1st come 1st serve!

The UnHappy HOOKER >_<

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Miss.Fortune said...

pretty interesting..
i've tried to learn when i was about 15/16..
and i knew what i was doing..u gotta have patience and determination though lol but im impressed with ppls work.

im sure u will make it far if u stick with it

Face Graffiti said...

lol isnt she a work of something. amazing girl lol pratice practice

Kimberly Tia said...

Hey Girl Heyyyyyyyyyy

omG you crack me up woman .. puwaahhahha - I'm like what is she up to now... do I got some crochet competition...

here's a site that I use often (besides youtube) for crochet tutorials hun, VERY helpful...

paperdollrevenge said...

lol silly girl! too cute. =P

reminds me i started learning to crochet but stopped...too many other things for me to do, but i hope you'll keep up with yours! =)

supervillain said...

ahaha! I'll take the long pink worm...eww. haha

Sher said...

The only thing Ive ever crocheted is a scarf for the boy. he wanted it really thick and long which took me forever! it put me off crocheting for a while now lol eventually I'll make one for myself.... one day....

Mets GirLL said...

If you find something that helps us backwards lefties learn let me know..I find it so hard to learn from all these books and videos made for righties!