Friday, February 6, 2009

Fusion Cuisine & A Real Happy Meal!

Hi Y'all! I've been a naughty girl the last two days! Eating (nothing like Ms. Supervillian , I just don't have paper like that!) haulin', and mailbox stalking! On Thursday night I went on a girl date with the lovely "C" to celebrate her new JOB!! We both got laid off in Aug :(, but she finally found something doing what she loves photography stuff for a major Diamond Company! Her job is amazing! She shoots jewelry! DIAMONDS!!! I'm so happy for her and jealous that she gets to play with DIAMONDS all day! So she was feelin' Asian and we were thinking of places to go and I recommended Empire Szechuan (Bethel, CT) The Advocate Greenwich Times gave the place 3 Stars. I don't read the Greenwich Times because I don't live in Greenwich but they are a reputable source.

Empire Szechuan Fusion Cuisine Chinese- Japanese - Sushi Cocktail & Lounge
So in we went! The place is pretty! Red Ambiance lighting Awesome!
The plant on our table, I named it Swirl
Our soups, I had wonton (I'm a sucker for wonton soup, and it has to be perfect, this was really good! "C" had Miso soup. The Noodles were fresh & crunchy (I hate stale noddles).

"C" had some kinda Sushi mix, each one was different.

I had Crispy Supreme Shrimp (Hunan), the sauce was really good, not to sweet and the SHRIMP was huge! "C" thought I ordered chicken because the pieces were so big.

Then we had desert because were foodies!!!!
We REALLY wanted Green Tea Ice Cream but they didn't have it. They said "come back in summer, we have it then" So "C" had some pistachio almond ice cream thing.

I had a Clementine Sorbet! This was the most amazing sorbet ever! It was a hollowed out clementine filled with orange sorbet. As Rachel Ray would say "delish"

My Look for the Night! I was going for GOLD! Since I'd mastered lashes this week I was ready to rock my lashes but I had an accidentally involving using the wrong mirror & lighting and gluing the lashes to a clump of my own lashes so I took those suckers off. I've got lashes down. But I have to give myself enough time.

I look bitchty in the 2nd pic, but I'm nice, I promise! The last pic "features" my jacked-up glue eye, lol

Ladies, I'm out! I have sooo much more to write about, My Pretty Pink Box Came today! I went M.A.C. Hauling today and found an awesome drugstore deep-conditioning mask, but the 4 glasses of "wind down" wine I had have gone to my head! So I'll blog about those finds/hauls later. Ok, yeah I know that technically 4 glasses of wine = 1 bottle but the bottle is really big so there! I'm not a wine-o.

My mother isn't doing well with the passing of Mommy Cat, she's having chest pains and the doctor heard and irregular heartbeat and wants her to have an Echo, Stress Test & an EKG!!!!!. If anyone has any advice on how to deal with the griveing process, or something I can do to help my Mom please email me mskgreenel[@]gmail[dot].com or AIM me KPrincez05, I don't know how to help my Mommy, she's falling apart.

Oh check out my awesome Happy Meal toy from McDonalds!!!!
Don't be jealous!!!

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Anonymous said...

holy cow , did mcdonalds come back with the hello kitty toys again?!?!

u look pretty!!!

im hungry now!!

SiMPLYxMAi said...

haha. i know huh.. i hope that's not the "in" thing for the summer cause then it'll be set in stone that i'm not going out to the clubs or whatever then. lol.

gahlee looking at those desserts is makin' me want some.. yummyy. ;P

Jmilz86 said...

You just made me so hungry and jealous! The restaurant was really peaceful looking!
Love the happy meal toy! HK is so "in"

Neeyuh said...

ohhh i'm sooo cravin some sushi now! haha. pretty look you did, i loveee golds and that hk watch is too cute!!

paperdollrevenge said...

I'm totally jealous! hehe jk

I'm totally hungry now thanks to your post!

I wish I could help with your mommy but I really don't know how. =( All I can say is just be there for her and with her. *hugs*

MAKEUP central-by LYN said...

mmmm yummy food!