Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sephora Mini Spree!!!

So I know that's it's better to give than to receive.... But I was naughty yesterday and I gave to myself!!! I accidentally ended up in Sephora yesterday & I found some goodies that I couldn't resist. My only complaint is that stalker saleslady wouldn't leave me alone. I felt bad because she was kinda old like 65+, but she wouldn't leave me alone. I ended up dodging her by the perfumes and picked up some swag for me!!! Just 3 little things no big deal......

I got my Urban Decay Eye Primer (I've been wanting to try it for a while.)

The Shady Lady Blam Palette is AWESOME!! I tried to do a look last night (Trivia Night @ Widow Brown's), but I was in a rush and it didn't turn out the way that I wanted it too. Oh well . The color is super pigmented even on a dark-skinned chica like myself. I do want to try applying with a wet brush to see what this stuff can truely do! Some of the darker shadows can be used as eyeliner too. Something I'm not good at but willing to learn. I'm not good with non pencil/pen liners It's a super cute pallette with 9 shadow/liners and it comes with a mirror.


Caught in the act Courtney ~Shadow & Liner
Shameless Shana ~ Shadow
Luscious Lani ~ Shadow
Jealous Jordana ~ Shadow & Liner
Risque Renee ~ Shadow & Liner
Curvy Cami ~Shadow
Jet-Setting Jennifer ~ Shadow
All About Alex ~ Shadow
Easy Wheezie ~ Shadow

I also got a Cargo shadow quad in "Bahama"the colors are really pretty but pretty neutral but I've been on the hunt for a new neutral set! No cutsey names for these colors.

I'm off now, Grandma #1 & #2 should be arriving shortly and I have some last minute chores to do before they get here. I really just want to take a NAP!

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