Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Photo Magnets

My Photo Magnets are dunzo!!!! Here's the supply list in case we forgot! Thanks again to Kimberly Tia ♥ for the run down on how to do this super fun project!
  • · 1 bag of Marble Accents (flat) (you find them near the floral dept)
  • · Amazing Quick Hold Craft Glue (try to keep it capped as to go, it gets clogged easily)
  • · Fiskars- Fingertip Control Craft Knife
  • · ProMag Magnets (50 come in one pack)
  • · Craft Punch 3/4 Inch
  • · Scrapbook Paper, Newspaper, Magazine Pages (anything you want your magnet to be)
  • · Scrapbooking cutting glass board (don't want to scratch up my workstation using my craft knife!)
  • · Scissors will work if you don't have a craft knife.

Then glue your "punched" paper to the magnet: Then glue your magnet to the clear flat marble: Let it "set" or "cure" for a little bit:

I found it easier to punch lots of paper then glue to my magnets then glue the marbles, I went a little "paper punch crazy.....
I found some empty jewelry boxes at the craft store. I went a little crazy and made bunches of them. I "punched" a lot of paper to make more for later. This is a quick and fun project. So lets get crafty!!!

Finished Project ♥

Photo Coasters are next, I'm going to start working on them now! I also lost my damn unemployed mind to Sephora today more on that later!
Oh I also got a really cute Hello Kitty Scrapbook kit at Micheal's! I'll share the dets later


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Kimberly Tia said...

you did a beautiful job!! and a fabulous entry with photos!! and the punch is so addicting!

happy holidays my dear and I cant wait to see your coast project!