Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Product Review ~ Cream of Nature

So a lot of people ask me what do you wash your hair with. Well I have a new "fav". It's an oldie but it's a great shampoo & conditioner and it's actually affordable! (I have expensive taste).
Cream of Nature, y'all the shampoo & conditioner. You will probably invest about less than $10 for both. I personally get mine at Wal-Mart. They also sell it at Sally Beauty and I'm thinking about investing in the professional size. I leave the conditioner on for about 5-6 mins. then comb through with my wide tooth comb and rinse. Cream of Nature in my opinion works just as good as the "salon quality" stuff and it definately is affordable. Oh you'll find this product in the "ethinc" hair care asile. Where I live it's that tiny section with very little selection. I'm surprised I found this stuff.

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