Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Library Punishment

So my punishment today was going to the library...... Why are there so many whackos in the library? Seriously are public libraries the new homeless shetlers? I gave it two tries, that's definitely not my new study spot. I can't even get up to pee without fearing that someone is gonna jack my stuff. I wrote like one page for my paper.
I really think my therapist was right when she said I have ADD like 5 years ago, they put me on something for it and I got sooo much done but whatever med it was made me super bitchy when it ran out around 6pm. I'd get really angry and psyco. So I flushed it.... If I stashed it I would of kept taking them. Shouldn't of flushed them I told my friend I did and she informed me of the street value of "attention pills" (Yes I know selling drugs is bad). It just takes me so long to do one thing. I can't sit still, can't focus. I've been trying to drink tea it's supposed to be calming but I always forget to make it and I'm weird ab out hot drinks, I'd rather be drinking Crystal Light.
So it's about 9pm now. Hopefully I'll be able to work on this paper until at least 11pm. I did want to go to Target tonight, I don't need or want anything. I'm just bored with all this unemployment isolation.
Oh project crochet is coming along well. I can only do the chain stitch thing but and it's a mile long, I need to figure out how to actually make something. I'll take a pic of it later. It's like this long pink snake. It's hott.

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