Monday, February 3, 2014

My Week #5 Panda Love & Atlanta Snow Jam


As usual, I hope everyone had the best week EVER!! I survived the Atlanta Snow Jam 2014. I only had a 5hr commute. Some people had to sleep in stores. 4,000 kids got stranded at school! It was legit cray cray! 2.5" of snow turned into 2.5" inches of ice immediately. Every road was gridlocked. I almost peed in my car. :( I went before I left work, but I wasn't expecting 5 hour
commute. On a normal day it takes me about 15-20mins to get to work. The roads were mess full of stranded cars. Some people were stranded 10, 15, 20+ hours. Others abdoned their cares

Kids stranded at school, the buses went back to the schools because they couldn't make it. Some buses were just stranded and stuck 

When stores like Home Depot, Publix & Kroger stay open to help stranded motorists, you know it's bad....

So moving on to Filofax Decoration! Here's how last week turned out.

Not to busy, because I was TRAPPED in my apartment for 2 days. >_<

I also decorated my MO2P for February.

Easing my way into Valentine's Day.. Panda love! I decorated ahead of time so that's why my travel schedule is showing. Its a straight up sin for me to write on my pages prior decorating #OCD #weird

I hope everyone had the best week ever!

Happy Planning!

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