Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Week #1 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Here's how my Week #1 went! It's so vast and empty and sad. It's not a case of planner fail. I was finishing up my vacation time and had some days off. I think I wans't very happy with the layout so I was kinda waiting for the week to hurry up and finish. Also got super sick on New Years Eve :(

I magically recovered in time to host my Girly Girl NYE Jammy Jam. Which was the best NYE I've had in years.. No drama, no lame guys, no tears! Just me and my girls in our PJ's playing Wii Just Dance, Taboo, Chubby Bunny, and Rainbow Looming!  There was also some Bubblegum flavored Pink Vodka and Jello Shots which lead to more silliness. If you can handle silly you can watch my daily vlog for that day here. We also recorded some super silly YouTube Challenges! Chubby Bunny Challenge, What's In My Mouth, and the Baby Food Challenge will be up very soon.

Here's my layout for Week #2

Week #2 Personal Purple Malden 

Week #2 A5 Deep Pink Calipso
I was going for a tropical Under the Sea/ Beach / Get me away from this Polar Vortex I live in the South theme. Long name but that's the theme! It was 9 degree's yesterday! IN ATLANTA, GA!!! #fail
I left the Northeast to escape the foolish weather and it's like stalking me. :( It's supposed to be 60 degree's on Saturday so maybe I'll have a BBQ and layout by the pool. I can't imagine how warm 60 will feel after the last few days of Polar Freezing.

I'm carrying on so I'll end here. Happy Planning!!

I want to thank everyone that's subscribed to my new YouTube Channel! I refused to be YouTube homeless and to those who visit my new channel I sincerely thank you!

Any Southeastern Filofax/Planner Addicts. I would love to attend or possibly host a meetup in the Atlanta area. Leave a comment below if your interested. 


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