Monday, November 25, 2013

Week #48 Layouts - No Dang Turkey Stickers!

Happy Monday *blah* So I pretty much drove myself crazy trying to find Turkey stickers. Yes turkey stickers. It's Thanksgiving this week and Filofax Washi Deco Jesus would be angry with me if I didn't decorate properly. Then I realized that there is so such thing as Filofax Washi Deco Jesus, it's okay that every store in a 20 mile radius doesn't have any damn Turkey stickers, and that I don't even like Thanksgiving that much. Actually I do, but not in the traditional sense. Thanksgiving is LAZY day for me and  there's usually no Turkey involved. :) I sleep in super late. Then I go back to bed and take a nap because sleeping in is tiring. Then I text the BFF, we decide what movie we want to see and figure out what restaurants are open. Then we stuff our faces at the movies then go to dinner. My Thanksgiving outfit usually consists of my finest yoga pants, (usually the black ones that say XOXO in glitter on the bum (my way of telling the world to kiss it), sneakers, no hair and no makeup.... I love lazy day!!!
People always seem to feel bad for me because I don't fly home for Thanksgiving.  I love my parents to death but it's not worth it to fly home to eat dinner! Especially because I fly home for Christmas (you get presents and dinner on Christmas!). My coworkers and friends try to adopt me and ask me to break bread with their family, which its super sweet.I have family here and I love them also, but lazy Thanksgiving Day is a tradition that I love and don't plan on giving up anytime soon. I just can't get with all the fuss, and stress that comes along with dinner! I don't do Black Friday. I tried one year. I went to Brandsmart USA and I literally had a panic attack because it was so crowded. Then I couldn't get out because it was so crowded which led to being taken out by security. There's nothing I want that bad this year... Well maybe a Purple Personal Size Malden.

So I've blabbed enough, but that's what I do. I run my mouth.... Here's my none Turkey Sticker layout. I also drove myself crazy searching for "Thanksgiving" washi tape. the Orange Dot Clear Deco tape from Smashbook was the best I was able to do.

We will call this weeks theme "Harvest"..... I don't know why my pictures came out super craptastic :(


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