Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Week #47 Layouts Korean Diary Stickers & Cupcakes!

Hi, I want to share my layouts for this upcoming week for both of my planners.

Decorating relaxes me, and makes me actually want to use my planners. I think I just really love washi tape. :)

Personal Size

I received this super kawaii Korean Diary Stickers from my friend in a RAK and I couldn't wait to use them. I had a cupcake theme in mind but as soon as I saw these, I was like what cupcakes? I find that punching a small piece of paper helps me keep track of little reminders and To-Dos. Meaning I can't ignore them because they are in my face!


As of now my WO2P are designed by me. I bought a ream of pastel paper from Office Depot and used my paper cutter and slapped washi tape and stickers to make it look legit.

I fail at printing out printables. They never come out right. I even bought the Filofax Software and it does not agree with my janky printer. *le sigh* So until my Piaric inserts arrive I will just do my own thing old school style.

So I used my cupcakes in my A5 :) I've been using my A5 more as a journal. I list the Pit of my day then the Peak of my day and five things that I'm grateful for. I'm using participating in the 365/30 List Challenge but I'm super behind. 

I hope everyone has the best week ever!


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