Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sheet Mask Time

Hey Y'all

I'm trying hard to up my skincare routine. I always go hard in the and then fall off track or get lazy. I've been really interested in using my sheet masks lately. I'm committed to 2-3 times a week. I have a habit of when I recieve a gift of not using the item because it was a gift which is really dumb because the person who gave it to me probably wants me to use it...

I love sheet masks because they are so easy to use. All you need to do is wash your face (don't want to use them on a dirty face), open the package. Slap it on your face for 10-20mins then go about your business and then throw it away. Don't be nasty and re-use them!! This are single use items only. Don't slap your face either.. Unless you need to be slapped..


These are a few that I've hoarded :)

This time around I chose a Jasmine & Fennel Sheet Mask from The Faceshop (I really, really, really, wish there was a Faceshop in Atlanta.. (>_<)  Life is so unfair....

What the Package Says:

This mild, all natural mask sheet is formulated with Jasmine and Fennel extracts to revitalize skin and impore suppleness while indulging the senses in tis invigorating aroma.

Aroma thereputic benefits of Jasmine- Clears away exhustion, Lifts tired skin, smooths facial contours.

Aroma therapeutic benefits of Fennel- Invigorates and lits tired skin. Smooths facial contours.

Don't I look pretty :)

I'm smiling with my eyes... FAIL

After removing the mask I always feel extra fresh and my skin instantly feels moisturized and supple.

Sheet masks can be purchased as "singles" or by the box. Most boxes contain 10 masks. Some limited edition branded boxes may only contain 6 masks. Cost vary between $2USD and up per mask and between $10 & $20USD per box.

Some of my favorite brands of sheets masks and where to find them:

My Beauty Diary - They don't ship to the US via their website but there are tons of places online where you can find them for great prices.

The Faceshop

Beauty Supply Stores- I've spied some masks at lot of  beauty supply stores here in Atlanta.

Pretty and CuteSasa,, Amazon and

*I have been using sheet masks for about 3 years and have yet to have any adverse reactions. Always read the instructions and ingredients prior using. Many of the popular sheet masks come from Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan. Most list ingredients and instructions in English. Some don't. If  you are unsure Google the brand/name of the mask and use the translate feature. Google is your friend.

Luv Y'all!

Mean It!

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MetsGirLL said...

I'm trying to commit to using one once a week lol. I always end up using my Queen Helene. And sometimes I do need a slap lol. Love ya and miss ya!

Kendall said...

*slaps you* I miss you chica! Queen Helene is the business.

Kizzy said...

I've never used a sheet mask. I saw some at Walgreens the other day, but I didn't buy them. I'm going to now though... I'd like to have a scary face picture too! ;-)

KristinaSimmons said...

Glad you are finally using them!! I have some new skin care products too!!

Kendall said...

You got that Time Wise??