Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shattered & Crackled III- China Glaze Black Mesh

Hey Y'all...

I can't stop playing with these crackle polishes. They've become a running series on my blog. Which is a good thing because I'm trying to grow my natural nails and they do best and grow nice when they are polished. I'm trying my best to keep up with my weekly self manicures.

I might treat myself to a professional manicure for my birthday doomsday. Which is getting closer, like everyday... It's looming and lurking in the shadows of early April..

I decided to try white polish with China Glaze's Black Mesh Crackle Polish on top..

I used Wet N' Wild's Wild Shine-#449C. It has no name but it's white so it shouldn't be hard to find. I was kinda disappointed with the white nail polish. It applies kinda streaky and uneven. I got the Wet N' Wild polish at CVS for $3.99. It might just be me though. I never like the result when I paint my own nails white or with pastel/milky colors. Maybe I need to practice more?

Final Result

I love the way my pointer finger came out. I sent this pic to a friend and we named this look "cow nails" :)

I only got to wear this for a few days. I had something "professional" to do today and I don't think that this look was appropriate so I had to take it off this morning. (>_<)

There's something about spring that makes me want to paint my nails and toes :) It was 80 degrees today in Atlanta!! I wanted to blow bubbles and capture butterflies and skip through a meadow barefoot with flip flops.

I'm starting to run out of color combos.. I figured I should ride out this crackle wave before it's over and my stash becomes useless.. I'm looking for a pastel-ish light minty green color to use next time as a base. If you know of a color brand or name. Leave a comment below.

Luv Y'all!

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