Thursday, January 20, 2011

Please Help Lily- Stolen Puppy in the Atlanta Metro Area

Hey Y'all!!! This isn't a regular type of post but I need your help. A good friend of mine has the most adorable puppy named Lily. She and her and her family love Lily to pieces. I ask if you see Lily to please contact myself via email (which I will pass to or Jackie immediately). If you prefer to be anonymous and feel more comfortable emailing please do not hesitate to do it in an anonymous way. We just want Lily back at home with her family. She a a family pet. Whoever did this took a pet away from her family. There are three young children trying to  understand that their puppy was stolen. That's something no child should have to deal with and something that no parent should have to explain to their children.

She was taken from their front yard on Thursday January 20, 2011 around 2:30pm . Jacki and her family live in Norcross, GA which is a suburb of Atlanta. 



Name: Lily

Breed: Morkie

Weight: 4lbs (she looks bigger because she's fluffy)


These are Jackie's words:
Today our 6 month old morkie was stolen from our front yard. Her name is Lily and she had a pink leopard tag, with a heart hanging that says "Please call Jackie 678 328 0292" She is our dear family pet and I feel completely destroyed inside. My three children are in even worse state. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE If you saw her or know who has her, we need her back.
She was given to us as a dear gift from my uncle and cousin last summer. She is the friendliest little creature you will ever meet. She is a fluff ball, black in color and her neck in white and beige. She is very little about 4 pounds. I live on Harbins Road off of Singleton Road. Please email text or call me if you have any info. We will be forever grateful. We dont have alot of money but you will be given a reward if found, please and thank you so much, may God help us find our sweet Lily :***(

Atlanta area bloggers and readers and I beg of you, if you've seen Lily please contact myself or Jackie. If you see her in a ad on Craigslist please contact us. People steal puppies and dogs and often sell them on Craigslist under the pets section to make a profit off of the adoption fee. :(

If your the low life or know the low life that STOLE Lily from her family. Please step up and do the right thing. If your afraid because you feel like an a$$hole contact me and I will give Lily back to Jackie and her family.

Thanks For Reading,

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ko0ty said...

Omigosh she's adorable... and it sucks that people would do such mean things like steal a puppy. I hope you guys find her!!She looks exactly like my puppy too, coloring and all except mine is half Daxie. =)

DSK Steph! said...

I hope they find Lily! She's such a cute lil morkie!

KiLLaCaM said...

awww. Shame on those a-holes that took that puppy! Did she have a microchip in her? That may be easier to track her with. Because if the person who stole her tried to take her to get shots or anything, they would scan her. I hope they get her back!

Bombchell said...

that's really sad