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Whip Your Hair! Salon Review- Touched By An Angel Salon

Salon Review: Touched By An Angel Salon

335 Upper Riverdale Road Suite B13
Jonesboro, GA678-610-9222
8am-12am Thurs. Fri. | 7am-12am Sat | 8am-9pm Mon.Tues.Wed | 12:30-6pm Sunday
(They have 8 locations in metro Atlanta, not all of them are "full service" some only do weaves, no shampooing, chemicals or color)

Date of Service: November 21st, 2010

Staff (who I interacted with...): I'm not trying to put anyone on blast so if you want  names contact me privately. 

Their Promise: All Weaves Guaranteed to Lay Flat. No Lumps, No Bumps....

My Expectations: Ok, ya'll know how I am about my hair. If you don't know, then you don't know me. I honestly didn't have high expectations because I know "too much".. 
I've been a hair addict for years I got my Ph.D. in Weaveology from the forums on Black Hair Media. I know my -ish and I study hard. I draw out braid patterns. I seal my wefts. I spend 
I didn't know whether to have high expectations because its pretty much a weave mill. 

Initial Impressions: I called for an appointment and they said that they don't take appointments. I should of kept it moving right there. I still decided to give it a chance. It was a Saturday afternoon and the woman on the phone claimed it wasn't busy. I didn't like her phone attitude so I called another one of their locations and a gentleman said they don't work by appointments but they weren't very busy. I had nothing else planned till later in the night so I figured I'd go. 
I haven't been in a "salon" environment in a long time. My usual stylist in Atlanta works from her home and my other stylist back home also worked out of her home. So I'm used to a more umm quiet and personal setting.
The salon was busy but had lots of nooks and crannies and there were woman and men (it's Atlanta) getting relaxers, weaves, color.

I signed the book.... YES A BOOK!!! Like I was at a Korean.. *side eye*... I was greeted 10 minutes later and asked what I was there for and told to "wait". The wait wasn't horrible I signed in at 5:24pm and I was called back at 6pm. I told the stylist what I wanted and showed her some pictures that I have stored in my phone and she then sent my back to get braided.

Braiding: I've learned the hard way about getting the braids done to tightly.. I lost two huge patches of hair a few years ago so I'm not afraid to speak up. I felt that the braiding job was ok. Not that everything is installed I feel like the braids started to far back. I can only wear my hair down and loose. I feel that I looks a little funny pulled back. Or tucked behind my ear. I really should of been more vocal and should of watched her like a hawk.

Installing: I didn't purchase new hair for this install. I reused my 22" Malaysian extensions from Wagmans and some left over 20" extensions. I really didn't appreciate them passing around my bundles of hair and ohhing and ahh-ing over the length, like they've never seen "premium hair" As I she started the bottom I took out my clousure piece and she had no clue what it was... Seriosuly?? It's 2010 and you've never worked with a closure? I told her what I wanted and she said she knew how to do it, but I guess we have different defintions of what closing a weave means. I was kinda pissed because I would of requested a different method. I would of had them leave out more hair and covered the tracks with it, but the braids were done and she was half way done there was no going back.

This is how she decided to close the install.........
H.AM. (Hot Ass Mess)
I can conceal it by wearing full curls with some volume, but I don't want to do that everyday.

I was happy that she understood that I like to use a lot of hair. I hate having to go home and fill-in the spaces.

~Hair Used~
Wagman's Malaysian 22" Straight (bottom) & 18" on top,(I highly recommend this hair, it's on round 5) (un-used leftovers) Wavy 20"- used in the back (I'm not a fan of this hair they claim "that it's virgin & unprocessed but last time I was unable to reuse it, it turned on me, should I ever order from them again I would order straight hair. Their wavy hair seems processed. 

Halley's Curls-(un-used leftovers) Virgin Indian Wavy 16" on top.
Yes, I made weave gumbo :) I plan to wear my hair straight so mixing textures isn't a big deal, when it's wet it waves a bit but actually looks cute even though the top is straight. 

Overall: Would I recommend Touched By An Angel Salon? Depends... I would not recommend it to ladies who know there -ish and have high expectations. Or are well versed in "weaveology".  If your getting a basic sew-in with leave out, then I think it's an ok place to go. Will I go back? Most likely not, and if so not to that location. 
I also didn't appreciate comments people were making because I was reading a book while, I was getting my hair done. Money is tight right now for me but their prices are very competitive with the other weave mills in Atlanta so if it came down to it I'd probably try my luck at another place. 
I can usually wear an install for almost 3 months. I feel like the base started a little to far back and it will show sooner then later. 

Ratings 3/5

Now for the hair porn!
Side Part, swooped to the left (camera makes it look opposite)

Where's my eye?

Tried to fix that "V".

Straight (you can see the V where its to far back)

Makes my forehead look big

Luv Y'all!!
 Mean It!! 

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Kizzy said...

Great review!

I know I'm not an expert (I've never had a weave), but I think it looks pretty!

Katrina said...

You still look hot!

love.akihsoy said...

Love ur honest review!!! Girl u should have put their names up so ppl know who NOT to ask for if they risk it and go.

these cheap weave places down here are sooo touch and go... some ppl luck out w/ great stylists while others end up w/ crappy beauty school dropouts.

Nonners said...

Oooo the hair looks real nice with the curl in it! I can't do those nice big curls... my hair is too spiral-y :(

I have nominated your blog for the "One Lovely Blog" award (at the bottom of my most recent post). You have probably already received it from less important people, which is why you should accept it from me. HAH!

Alana Carter said...

Don't worry @nonners I will do it at the hair salon...!!

Hey nice curl on just a girl's hair.

Thanks for sharing...!!