Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Needed A Lil' Something....

Hi Y'all!!! It's been like FOREVER since I've bought myself anything "fun" and beauty related... I killed my favorite lip gloss there's like NONE left. Instead of being ghetto and cutting it open *thought about it*. I decided to replace it. I'm trying so hard to be careful with my money and only purchase things that I need because I have responsibility like rent & utilities and I freak out about paying my bills on time and not having stuff  "cut off"....

Anywhoo, I found myself in the Perimeter Mall this past weekend searching for a replacement lippie. Yes search! I could of gone to Ulta and bought the same one but I figured since it's fall a new season I needed a new shade. So I purposely didn't go to Ulta because I would of grabbed Whisper again... I went to the MAC Store and it was really busy and I was wearing black and people kept thinking I worked there because my face was on point.. So I had to go... As much as I wanted to help the poor babies in MAC, I wasn't getting paid so I kept it moving to Sephora (they also wear black FAIL). I swatched & sniffed (yea sniffed, I don't like lippies that smell werid). I kept getting interrupted because of my black outfit!!!!! >_< So after I helped I lady find a foundation that worked for her I went back to helping myself. She needed me! I'm sorry if this  sounds awful but sometimes not all the time but a lot of the time. Non-ethnic sales associates don't get brown skin. Especially darker skin... She had sista friend looking all ashen and cakey & I couldn't let sista-friend walkout looking a hot mess, it says so in the Bible!!! Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. [Matthew 7:12]  If I was about to purchase foundation and powders that made me look at hot mess I would want some one to step up. WWJD?? So after my good deed, I went back to minding my business and searching and I found her!!!! 
Isn't she pretty!!! Her name is 07 Purple Red Shimmery 

 She kinda has a weird applicator... But it fits lips perfectly



I love her!!! She was $14!!!! Generic Sephora Products have gotten pricier! lol  

Luv Y'all!!
  Mean It!!

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Kizzy said...

You're too funny! This post cracked me up! Enjoy your lippy! :-)

socialitedreams said...

LOL!!! great story of your mall are a saint for helping that poor *bout to go jump in the casket* ashy faced lady out, they do us so wrong sometimes. Love the new lipgloss color!!


Sofia said...

very pretty

Nonners said...

"& I couldn't let sista-friend walkout looking a hot mess, it says so in the Bible!!!"

Ahahahaha that killed me. I like your blog. :) Glad you found the perfect liplgoss replacement! $14 is a lot for Sephora brand... I didn't know it got that expensive!

As for house plants: I LOVE them for the pop of color, plus the fact that it circulates clean air. I don't really open my window (I'm an A.C. kinda gal) so its important that my living space gets some new air in here somehow!

I would recommend ivy for shady areas of apartments (plus the droopy leaves look really cute with the vines hanging down a piece of furniture). Ivy is really resilient too... forget to water that baby for a week and it bounces right back to shape! Also there are some really cute cacti for brighter areas of an apartment... (I used to think all cacti were ugly but I was proven wrong!). I might do a post about this actually!